Levels 12-18

Instead of Azshara, I decided to take Maidofiron to the Northern Barrens instead. After all, I’ve done Azshara plenty of times before; and, truth be told, I was keen to avoid another encounter with Subject Four.

So off I went to the Barrens, doing the quests involving quillboar got me to Level 13; Drain Soul quickly became my favourite spell. It saved me so many times!

Speaking of the quillboar, I found it quite entertaining to drag the prisoner around and then beat him up for no good reason. I even got a buff out of it, so it was all good.

While tending to the injured kodo, I was fortunate enough to witness the spawn of Elder Mystic Razorsnort; he was soon face down in the dirt, with me going through his pockets and nicking the robe he dropped.

After the quillboar came the centaur, whom I despise with every fibre of my being. Kodobane turned out to be a pushover; he just stood there and let me nuke him with my DoTs, while watching me drain his soul (which tasted like sour milk).

Another rare – Gesharahan – was then killed for more phat lewts… and then I got to the Counterattack! quest. I killed a load of centaur, and then the leader turned up:

The first part of my plan – to lure him to the friendly NPCs – worked a treat; unfortunately, his two buddies weren’t so keen on fighting orcs. Both of them came at me, and I died. For some inexplicable reason, I thought I had assigned my Healthstone to my action bar; it turned out I had been clicking the spell to create one of the damn things.

So, dead again. Once I ressed, I heirloomed up and beat the crap out of the Warlord and his mates; handing the quest in made me hit Level 19, but I’m not counting it because I had already failed the challenge by this point.

I went to Orgimmar, vendored everything and then found a player to give the 20-odd gold I’d earned to. A Druid with a funny name – Udderside – was the lucky winner.

Before I logged out to delete the character and make a new one, I decided to see if it was possible to be killed by chickens. So, I Life Tapped my way to low health and aggroed the three White Chickens that dwell near Grommash Hold.

They wiped the floor with me, at which point I finally stopped messing around and deleted my Troll Warlock. She is now, as you can tell from the new header, a Human Hunter.

It seems as though I am doomed to never beat my record on this challenge. Will a hunter be my key to victory as an Ironman?

Only time will tell…