Levels 1-12

Poor old Maidofiron has been sorely neglected as of late, so it’s been nice getting back into the swing of things; she is Level 12 now, and ready for Azshara.

The drop rate on Crawler Mucus is still a load of crap; the Witch Doctor needs to pull his finger out and get his own hands dirty for a change.

Northwatch Rangers are annoying; their Immolation Traps are even more annoying. They didn’t cause that much of a problem, but getting set on fire whenever I looted the body got pretty tiring.

With the Northwatch threat to Sen’jin Village dealt with, I went to Razor Hill to deal with the Northwatch threat there. I enjoyed the fact that Gail Nozzywig treats female characters with the utmost contempt, but I still felt like slapping her (in hindsight, I should have).

Foaming Sea Elementals are quite dangerous to cloth wearers; I lost count of the number of times my screen started flashing red.

Lost in the Floods is a tedious quest as well, given that you have to use the telescope four times. Why not use it once, and find everyone that way? *grumble grumble*

After helping the people trapped in the floods, I went to deal with the Burning Blade and once again found myself facing the three ‘gladiators.’ It proved that Imps can actually tank if given the chance, although they’re quite squishy.

I found a rare – Felweaver Scornn – in Skull Rock and beat him up for a thousand XP.

By the time I was finished in Durotar, I had earned enough gold for a complete set of Heavy Weave Armour, as well as a shiny new Quarter Staff.

That’s all to report for now; Azshara awaits!

For the Horde!