Levels 12-15

I continued with most of the quests in Azshara and then found myself at the Secret Lab, where all manner of things were going wrong. While putting out fires, I saw a raptor named ‘Subject Four’ and decided to attack him.MaidofIron_TaurenWarrior_DeadAtLevel15This turned out to be a very bad idea, as I didn’t realise he had such an ability which was capable of dealiing an enormous amount of damage.

After I recovered my corpse, I chose the Protection spec, geared up in all my heirlooms and tried to get my own back. I died again.

Oh well, these things happen in the world of the Ironman Challenge. I sent all the gold I earned to the first player I saw upon returning to Orgrimmar, and used my own Character Generator to pick my next race and class.

As a result, Maidofiron is now a Worgen Hunter.

For the Horde Alliance!