I Have Retu– Oh, Bugger.

So, I finally get some spare time and log onto Maidofiron. I enter the game world, head to Sen’jin Village and grab all the quests. I gather the Crawler Mucus (the drop rate of which still annoy me), and I kill the Northwatch Lugs and smash their crates (though I’d rather be fighting centaur again).

I hand these quests in and get the next two in the respective chains. I take a few steps outside Sen’jin Village when I get asked to empty the washing machine. Since I’m still near the village, I figure I’ll be safe.

How wrong was I?

It turned out that I was far enough outside the village for the guards not to respond to active threats – namely the scorpid roaming nearby. As I was AFK, I was clearly an attractive target for the little gits.

So, that’s the end of this chapter. I deleted and went to create a new character. This time I decided to go with whatever race/class combo I was randomly issued with, as happens when you create a new character.

And that’s how Maidofiron became a Gnome Warrior. New post coming soon.