NBI Roundup

I know this is late, but I’ve been busy.

Now that the NBI is over, I must say that I was very impressed with what I saw. The large numbers of bloggers, new and old, coming together like that was great. Congratulations to Syp for putting it all into motion.

Geo’s IMC is just one of the many blogs which have benefited from this initiative. I have so many new blogs to read, I’ve made a whole new page for them (just in case anyone was wondering where their link went). Click on ‘Links’ above and start reading. I know I will.

Here’s hoping that the NBI comes back again next year. Perhaps then I will be a sponsor blogger, and not a newbie blogger. Either way, if this year’s smashing success is anything to go by, I don’t see any reason why the NBI won’t come back for another run.

In closing, thanks again to Syp for all his hard work. Thanks also to the many people who have been linking to my blog. I hope my links back have generated some extra readers for you all.

With that done, there is now one thing left to say.

… same time next year, folks?

How I Write My Posts

Even to me, my posts all seem like random warblings. I’m sure most of you think the same way. This is because when I am playing, I make a bulleted list of what happens in-game. Then I type up my post based on that.

For example, here is the list I wrote for my last post, exactly as I wrote it:

  • Sneaking up on animals was fun.
  • Bear Spirit blessing = handy.
  • Poor Grimclaw!
  • Murloc Carnage! YES!
  • Level 17 – off to Darnassus for stuff and to sell crap.
  • Level 19 – Expected to be in Ashenvale.
  • Icon for Panther figurine looks like a rat.
  • Just as well I took the bear spirit blessing. LOADS OF BEARS!
  • Glad to see that Prospector Remtravel hasn’t changed.

And with that, you now know why my posts don’t make sense.