Levels 1-4

Dead again.

Yes, I only managed four levels before I died — but hear me out.

I did the quest to save Krennan Aranas, but after I plucked him from the tree I was kicked off Greymane’s horse. I didn’t fancy fighting my way past the small army of rapidly respawning feral worgen, so I used my Hearthstone.

Unfortunately, they were EVERYWHERE — and I died while trying to escape.

MaidofIron_Worgen_Hunter_DeadAtLevel4Fan-freaking-tastic. Oh well, time to re-roll yet again. Let’s see…

Troll Warlock it is.

Levels 12-15

I continued with most of the quests in Azshara and then found myself at the Secret Lab, where all manner of things were going wrong. While putting out fires, I saw a raptor named ‘Subject Four’ and decided to attack him.MaidofIron_TaurenWarrior_DeadAtLevel15This turned out to be a very bad idea, as I didn’t realise he had such an ability which was capable of dealiing an enormous amount of damage.

After I recovered my corpse, I chose the Protection spec, geared up in all my heirlooms and tried to get my own back. I died again.

Oh well, these things happen in the world of the Ironman Challenge. I sent all the gold I earned to the first player I saw upon returning to Orgrimmar, and used my own Character Generator to pick my next race and class.

As a result, Maidofiron is now a Worgen Hunter.

For the Horde Alliance!

Levels 1-12

WoWScrnShot_031016_210029I spent my first four levels in Mulgore, and then went to Durotar for the rest. I had a few close calls with the three gladiators, but other than that it was uneventful.


Except, perhaps, for these individuals I found on the road between Razor Hill and the Dranosh’ar Blockade. I have no idea what they were doing — but given that Earthen Ring is an RP server, I decided not to stick around.

Anyway, I am now level 12 and about to head to Aszhara. Thanks to quest rewards and vendoring everything I found, Maidofiron is in possession of a full set of Chainmail Armour, a Cutlass and a Wall Shield. They should hopefully serve me well as I fight the Night Elf scum, and secure Aszhara’s resources for the glory of the Horde.

Lok’tar ogar!

I’m Back!

I’ve decided to give this challenge a try again, as I have recently begun to feel bored.

How far will I get on my newly created Tauren Warrior? Come and find Maidofiron on Earthen Ring (EU), or stay tuned to this blog for updates!

I Have Retu- Oh, Bugger.

So, I finally get some spare time and log onto Maidofiron. I enter the game world, head to Sen’jin Village and grab all the quests. I gather the Crawler Mucus (the drop rate of which still annoy me), and I kill the Northwatch Lugs and smash their crates (though I’d rather be fighting centaur again).

I hand these quests in and get the next two in the respective chains. I take a few steps outside Sen’jin Village when I get asked to empty the washing machine. Since I’m still near the village, I figure I’ll be safe.

How wrong was I?

It turned out that I was far enough outside the village for the guards not to respond to active threats – namely the scorpid roaming nearby. As I was AFK, I was clearly an attractive target for the little gits.

So, that’s the end of this chapter. I deleted and went to create a new character. This time I decided to go with whatever race/class combo I was randomly issued with, as happens when you create a new character.

And that’s how Maidofiron became a Gnome Warrior. New post coming soon.

NBI Roundup

I know this is late, but I’ve been busy.

Now that the NBI is over, I must say that I was very impressed with what I saw. The large numbers of bloggers, new and old, coming together like that was great. Congratulations to Syp for putting it all into motion.

Geo’s IMC is just one of the many blogs which have benefited from this initiative. I have so many new blogs to read, I’ve made a whole new page for them (just in case anyone was wondering where their link went). Click on ‘Links’ above and start reading. I know I will.

Here’s hoping that the NBI comes back again next year. Perhaps then I will be a sponsor blogger, and not a newbie blogger. Either way, if this year’s smashing success is anything to go by, I don’t see any reason why the NBI won’t come back for another run.

In closing, thanks again to Syp for all his hard work. Thanks also to the many people who have been linking to my blog. I hope my links back have generated some extra readers for you all.

With that done, there is now one thing left to say.

… same time next year, folks?