I Have Retu- Oh, Bugger.

So, I finally get some spare time and log onto Maidofiron. I enter the game world, head to Sen’jin Village and grab all the quests. I gather the Crawler Mucus (the drop rate of which still annoy me), and I kill the Northwatch Lugs and smash their crates (though I’d rather be fighting centaur again).

I hand these quests in and get the next two in the respective chains. I take a few steps outside Sen’jin Village when I get asked to empty the washing machine. Since I’m still near the village, I figure I’ll be safe.

How wrong was I?

It turned out that I was far enough outside the village for the guards not to respond to active threats – namely the scorpid roaming nearby. As I was AFK, I was clearly an attractive target for the little gits.

So, that’s the end of this chapter. I deleted and went to create a new character. This time I decided to go with whatever race/class combo I was randomly issued with, as happens when you create a new character.

And that’s how Maidofiron became a Gnome Warrior. New post coming soon.

NBI Roundup

I know this is late, but I’ve been busy.

Now that the NBI is over, I must say that I was very impressed with what I saw. The large numbers of bloggers, new and old, coming together like that was great. Congratulations to Syp for putting it all into motion.

Geo’s IMC is just one of the many blogs which have benefited from this initiative. I have so many new blogs to read, I’ve made a whole new page for them (just in case anyone was wondering where their link went). Click on ‘Links’ above and start reading. I know I will.

Here’s hoping that the NBI comes back again next year. Perhaps then I will be a sponsor blogger, and not a newbie blogger. Either way, if this year’s smashing success is anything to go by, I don’t see any reason why the NBI won’t come back for another run.

In closing, thanks again to Syp for all his hard work. Thanks also to the many people who have been linking to my blog. I hope my links back have generated some extra readers for you all.

With that done, there is now one thing left to say.

… same time next year, folks?

Levels 27 and 28

The first thing I noticed when I logged in was the fact I had 66 gold, 36 silver and 95 copper. Selling all the green (and occasional blue) drops and quest rewards certainly helped. But I’m not here to brag about my limited wealth, I’m here to update you all on my progress. So, read on!

My first tasks were to gather Deepmoss Venom Sacs and kill Queen Silith. As an arachnophobe, seeing how big Queen Silith was made me look around my room looking for spiders. I’d hate to see one as big as her in my house!

While gathering the venom sacs, Queen Silith and one of her brood both decided to have a go. I had to retreat, as I had just killed another spider, and was thus low on mana and health.

When it came to actually killing Silith for the quest, it was another close call (boy, am I used to those by now). Ran out of mana and had to wand her to death, popping my shield whenever it was available. But I managed to defeat her in the end.

A while later, I was hot on the trail of the Horde’s big bomb. The Orbital Support Shredders summoned by the Goblin Pump Overseers were annoying, but easy to defeat. The Lumbering Oafs, on the other hand … were not. They were anything BUT ‘lumbering’, especially when they ‘enraged’.

Alas, this was to prove my downfall, as shown by this screenshot:

Here’s what happened:

  1. I killed the Goblin Pump Overseer.
  2. I destroyed her Orbital Support Shredder.
  3. I aggro the Lumbering Oaf.
  4. I use Shadowmeld.
  5. The oaf runs back to his patrol route … which is going to pass me.
  6. He sees through my Shadowmeld and attacks, just as my shield dissipates.
  7. No point in running, as I only had 89 health left. I wouldn’t have gotten far.
  8. Two punches later, I drop dead.

And that’s the end of that. However, I got to Level 28 – a new personal best!

I still wasn’t done, though. I went to Stormwind, sold all my gear, cancelled all of my auctions, and decided to give the ten green/blue items I had to a random low level. I see a Level 19 Warlock with a name I found funny, so I choose him.

My good deed for the day done, I delete the character and create a random race/class in order to reserve the name.

My next attempt will begin soon. Until then, take care everyone!

Levels 24-27

I started off by assisting the people of Astranaar with their furbolg problem. It soon became apparanent to me that Thistlefur Avengers are really quick attackers. Which didn’t do my health pool any good.

After killing the furbolgs and handing in the quest, I decided to skip Ashenvale and go into Stonetalon Mountains. So, off I went to Stardust Spire.

Painmaster Thundrak certainly lived up to his name. I ran out of mana during the fight. Thankfully, I had a wand (which I went all the way to Stormwind for). So I just kept putting up Renew and Power Word: Shield while I wanded him to death.

I had another close call with Chief Bombgineer Sploder. So, I used the same strategy I did for Thundrak. It barely worked. I only had 89 health and 0 mana left when Sploder dropped dead. Phew!

On the way out of Silverwind Refuge, I had yet another close call. This time from one of the Goblin Technicians in the area. All of my spells kept missing!

While killing the Befouled Water Elementals in Mystral Lake, I saw a rare called Eck’alom. So, I attacked him. ANOTHER close call!

An hour or so later, I was in Stonetalon properly. And I was at the Windshear Mine. While killing a peon for his ore, I got him to exactly ONE health. I hate it when this happens. I decide to melee him … and miss. So, I ended up Smiting the last bit of health from him.

It’s a pity that this didn’t happen while I was fighting this Overseer. Also, why has he got a smile on his face? Is he happy to be dead?

Later, I found myself at the water wheel, to gather the BD-816 War Apparatus for ‘Mr. P’. While I was up there, I got a quest to kill a traitorous gnome. I took one look at Gerenzo The Traitor and abandoned the quest. He had twice as much health as I did, and I didn’t want to risk dying. Of course, this didn’t stop me running in, using Psychic Scream on the enemies who were attacking me (Gerenzo included), grabbing the Apparatus, and jumping off the water wheel.

Anyway, that’s me at Level 27. Will I make it to 30? We’ll soon see.

Until the next time, folks!

Levels 21-24

Here’s another progress report for you all, once again written from a bulleted list.

With the animals of Darkshore protected from further corruption, the time came to destroy the menace behind it all. Yoth’al the Devourer proved to be a poor opponent. He ran out of mana, and rather than get out of the water to melee me, he just sat there while I smote him to death.

I couldn’t help but notice that Earthen Ring is a rather laggy server. I was getting over 850ms (world). I only get 47 on Vek’nilash, where all my non-Ironman characters are located. So it has to be Earthen Ring.

After retrieving the Horn of the Ancients, the time came to destroy the Avatar of Soggoth. I was worried that he would kill me before the Ancients arrived to help me give him a beating, but thankfully I survived.

With Level 22 came the relief that I was finally done in Darkshore. I headed straight to Ashenvale to assist the Night Elves in driving back their enemies – namely, the Horde invading from the Barrens and Azshara.

It was weird seeing Talen as a Level 21 elite. I remember when he was a puny Level 17 who the Horde would kill when they passed him. Now that he’s got a Flight Master nearby, only Level 85s would be brave enough to attack him.

While gathering Ancient Statuettes, I was thinking to myself ‘There are far too many naga, and not enough Ancient Statuettes!’. A few minutes after thinking that, I found the last seven I needed in one area.

I learned, to my dismay, that Wrathtail Wave Riders are more dangerous than they look. Their Whirlpool ability often hit me for nearly a quarter of my health. Thank goodness for Power Word: Shield!

I was forced to abandon Ruuzel, due to the fact that she was hard. Very hard. Her constant use of knockbacks, as well as pulling me towards her, made casting damn near impossible. To top it off, I got knocked into a group of Priestesses and Myrmidons. I was barely able to make it out alive, thanks to Shadowmeld. Not to worry, though. Once I’m a bit stronger, I will go and get my revenge.

I soon found myself in Astranaar. Putting out fires was boring. Shooting down Wind Riders with a Glaive Thrower, however, was not. Though I have to say that the speed the Glaive Throwers move was rather annoying. They’re so slow!

Well, that’s all for now. I will soon start work on crushing the Horde and driving them from Ashenvale.

For the glory and honour of the Alliance!

How I Write My Posts

Even to me, my posts all seem like random warblings. I’m sure most of you think the same way. This is because when I am playing, I make a bulleted list of what happens in-game. Then I type up my post based on that.

For example, here is the list I wrote for my last post, exactly as I wrote it:

  • Sneaking up on animals was fun.
  • Bear Spirit blessing = handy.
  • Poor Grimclaw!
  • Murloc Carnage! YES!
  • Level 17 – off to Darnassus for stuff and to sell crap.
  • Level 19 – Expected to be in Ashenvale.
  • Icon for Panther figurine looks like a rat.
  • Just as well I took the bear spirit blessing. LOADS OF BEARS!
  • Glad to see that Prospector Remtravel hasn’t changed.

And with that, you now know why my posts don’t make sense.

Levels 14-21

To make up for only advancing two levels prior to my last post, I advanced seven more today. I’m Level 21 now, and I’m still not finished in Darkshore.

Anyway, I started off by gather reagents from animals. Trouble is, I couldn’t kill them. While sneaking up on a sleeping Moonstalker to pluck out one of its whiskers may seem like a laugh – I can assure you that it isn’t. I was always worried that my face would be torn off.

When it came to choosing a blessing from the animal spirits, I choose the bear spirit. 10% less physical and magical damage taken? Yes, please.

Despite my best efforts, Volcor didn’t make it. I felt sorry for Grimclaw, but at least he found a new companion in Cerellean Whiteclaw.

I loved blowing up murlocs with the Decoy Bot. Enough said.

One thing I learned today was not to touch Cat Figurines until at least Level 18. I was Level 14 when I first did it, and I got attacked by a Level 19 Ghost Saber. Thankfully, I was able to lure it back to camp, whereupon the guards quickly took care of it for me.

Once I hit Level 17, I headed off to Darnassus for new armour and a new staff. I also bought a stack Melon Juice. Though I went through it all within half an hour of buying it. So now I have two stacks.

When I hit Level 19, I was thinking to myself that I should really be in Ashenvale. However, I don’t like leaving quests unfinished, so I’ll stay in Darkshore until I am absoloutely sure that I’m done there.

I couldn’t help but notice that the icon for the Panther Figurine looked like a purple rat. Perhaps it’s just me.

There are a lot of bears in southern Darkshore. So it’s just as well I took the Bear Spirit’s blessing. Without it, I’d be fighting a bear every few steps.

I was glad to see that Prospector Remtravel still hasn’t changed. I love that silly old fool. Also, building a murloc hovel made me laugh, especially when all it did was attract more and more of the pesky little buggers.

As soon as I hit Level 21, I went to Darnassus for my riding training. Then I logged out to type this post and get some dinner.

Until the next time, folks. See ya!