Calm down dear, it’s only PvP

I was in Hellfire Peninsula on my Level 80 Paladin when I decided to capture the fortifications in the area. Unfortunately, in order to accomplish this goal, I had to kill a Horde player in their mid-60s. It happens to us all.

Sadly, the person I killed (forgot his name, sorry) didn’t like the fact they were just ganked, so they immediately created an Alliance character:

The fact they levelled this character to 2 in order to bypass my anti-spam addon shows just how pissed off they are, and how far they’ll go to show that.

Of course, they are pathetic. I kill many low level Horde. A vast majority of them accept that if a lowbie flags themselves for PvP, they will probably get killed by a higher level player. Very rarely does someone react like this person.

So I tell them this. If they didn’t want to risk being ganked, they shouldn’t have put their PvP on. I ignore this character and continue doing what I was doing – but unfortunately, this person hasn’t quite finished. They make yet ANOTHER character:

So I put this one on ignore as well. Does he take the hint and fuck off? The hell he does.

Ahhh yes. The threat. Couldn’t face the truth about PvP, so he makes the old ‘my mates and I will beat you up’ threat. What a sadact. But that’s the World of Warcraft for you.

Next time I decide to gank someone, I’ll think of this person … and do it anyway. Fuck him.

Adasik, King of the Spammers

Since we’re starting with the old stories, I might as well get started with an old classic. Back in the days before Cataclysm, I was running Nexus HC on my Mage. The tank was a Paladin named Adasik.

We got started, and eventually my DPS generated enough threat for the enemy to turn their attention to me. Using my VGComms addon, I sent a message saying that I was under attack.

Adasik immediately tells me to ‘turn off my addon’. Someone else in the group thought he was talking to them, but Adasik quickly put them right.

Now, all I did was inform the tank I was under attack. Nothing wrong with that, right? So I tell him, rather bluntly in fact, that he can’t tell me what to do regarding my addons.

That’s when all hell broke loose. Adasik immediately activates his spam addon, and my single line of text is combated with this massive load of crap:

So yeah, he is certainly upset. OVER NOTHING.

I think I made a valid point. After all, as tank, it IS his job to keep us DPS alive. But no, he doesn’t like it when they remind him of that task.

He ragequit shortly after, and I haven’t seem him since. Thank fuck for that.

We’re Back!

Welcome back to Idiots of Warcraft.

I still have all the old screenshots, so I will be posting the stories they relate to before I do any new ones. As always, if any of the people I feature wish for me to remove their story, all they have to do is ask (and in some cases, apologise).

Watch this space, for IoW is back – and just as offensive as ever.