Recruit This!

I was on one of my Alliance characters when I received a guild invite out of the blue from a person calling themselves Fareen. Since he didn’t have the decency to talk to me first, I decline the invite and tell him straight.

To stop him sending any more invites, I put him on ignore. That doesn’t stop him logging onto one of his other characters, however.

Given that my comment wasn’t immature, it was truth, I use a macro I have to try and persuade him an addon is blocking his whispers. It doesn’t work.

What a stubborn fool.

So I decide to see this through. Notice that I’ve not quoted him on anything.

If you want to win an argument, simply call the person a loser, wait for them to use a ‘your mum’ joke, then say “Thanks for proving my point.” – when I do it, nine times out of ten it makes the person shut up.

Is that supposed to be a scary face? Because it made me laugh.

I love it when people assume I’ll ‘go emo’ over something. Never fails to make me laugh.

Oh, here comes the scary face again…

It’s been just over a year since this incident, and he’s never got back to me. I guess he’s still thinking … or he admitted defeat. Maybe even both, but I doubt it.

Gnaw, really?

I was in Goldshire one day, when I saw one DK walk up to another and challenge them to a duel. The challenge was declined. When asked why, the other DK replied like so:

He declined the duel simply because the other DK had a Ghoul minion which had the Gnaw ability. It’s only a three second stun, so I don’t know why he was so nervous.

Portal Making 101

On my mage, I was in Stormwind, monitoring Trade for portal requests. One came in from a person called Hybrid. But since he wanted me to make the portal first, I declined his offer. To make sure he didn’t try that on others, I warn my fellow mages. But its not Hybrid who takes offence …

No, they don’t. Every time I get a portal, the Mage making it always wants payment up front. They know that if they make the portal before they get paid, some people will use it, and not tip them. Carella doesn’t seem to know this.

Its not because I’m ‘afraid of losing 50s’ – it’s the principle of the matter. I’m providing a service to someone, so I expect to be paid. If that means being paid before the service is provided, so be it. A lot of my customers agree with this. Hell, I even asked my guild for their opinions.

So the general consensus is ‘You are so right, Luxxoria!’. Good. Now, back to Carella.

No it wasn’t. Pardon me for alerting my fellow Mages to Hybrids attempt at ripping them off. Again, Carella doesn’t understand. He needs to learn, and I shall be the one who tries to teach him.

Why does he keep mentioning 50 silver? I never said anything about 50 silver. Also, he’s resorting to sarcasm now. *sigh*

They’re probably not related. Doesn’t mean they can’t be RL mates though, trying to stick up for each other. Regardless, they’re both idiots.

The lesson has failed. My student is restoring to childish name calling. So I tell him what he is (a dumbass), and ignore his attempts to learn.

Carella, if you ever read this – know that I was willing to teach you. But sadly, you lacked the willingness to learn.