I’m on your side!

Have you ever seen an Alliance player yell in Orcish? Or a Horde player yell in Common? It’s easy – simply type [Common] bur or [Orcish] kek into a yell. It won’t fool everyone, but when I tried it as Horde, it did:

Whoa! What the fuck is this guy’s problem? … he thinks I’m Alliance? Oh, OK then.

I accept that calling him a ‘fag’ was a bit OTT. I didn’t really report him, I was actually hoping to scare him into apologising. I love how he said ‘wtf’, as if to say ‘what for … and why’d you call me that?’.

He’s acting like telling someone to die isn’t a bad thing. What a prick.

Wait, he knew I was Horde? So why say that?!

Last time I checked, telling someone to die was much worse than say, calling them a dickhead.

No, that’s not a typo. IoW was originally called ‘Idiots of Azeroth’, but I eventually decided that ‘Idiots of Warcraft’ was better. Anyway, to end this story, Firstmedic put me on ignore.

To this day, I am still waiting on his apology.

Recruit This!

I was on one of my Alliance characters when I received a guild invite out of the blue from a person calling themselves Fareen. Since he didn’t have the decency to talk to me first, I decline the invite and tell him straight.

To stop him sending any more invites, I put him on ignore. That doesn’t stop him logging onto one of his other characters, however.

Given that my comment wasn’t immature, it was truth, I use a macro I have to try and persuade him an addon is blocking his whispers. It doesn’t work.

What a stubborn fool.

So I decide to see this through. Notice that I’ve not quoted him on anything.

If you want to win an argument, simply call the person a loser, wait for them to use a ‘your mum’ joke, then say “Thanks for proving my point.” – when I do it, nine times out of ten it makes the person shut up.

Is that supposed to be a scary face? Because it made me laugh.

I love it when people assume I’ll ‘go emo’ over something. Never fails to make me laugh.

Oh, here comes the scary face again…

It’s been just over a year since this incident, and he’s never got back to me. I guess he’s still thinking … or he admitted defeat. Maybe even both, but I doubt it.

Gnaw, really?

I was in Goldshire one day, when I saw one DK walk up to another and challenge them to a duel. The challenge was declined. When asked why, the other DK replied like so:

He declined the duel simply because the other DK had a Ghoul minion which had the Gnaw ability. It’s only a three second stun, so I don’t know why he was so nervous.