Privacy Policy


Idiots of Warcraft is committed to keeping private the details of people not involved in any given story. Their name, realm and guild name will be censored in all screenshots.


In the above example, ‘Innocentone’ and ‘Innocenttwo’ would have their names blanked out, as the story is not about them. ‘Theidiot’ is the main focus of the story, while ‘Iowauthor’ is either GeodesicDragon or AimForTheBrain.

So, the above screenshot would end up looking like this:



As mentioned on the ‘Contact Us’ page, you are free to contact us and ask that we remove any story which is about one of your characters. However, to make sure you are who you say you are, one of us (probably Geo) will contact you in-game to verify your identity.

In most cases, we will remove your story without any problems. However, we might also expect an apology, depending on what you said or done. If you refuse to apologise, the story will not be removed.


The Idiots of Warcraft site does use cookies, but they’re only for when (and if) I want to remember my login details for the admin panel.

Which is never.