1. Why did you make this blog?
I’ve been playing WoW since August 30th, 2007. In that time I have met a lot of people. Some of them were a joy to play alongside. They helped me, nurtured me, and they were patient. Then there’s the other 99% of them. The idiots. These people made life rather hard. So after meeting one too many, I decided to screenshot their stupidity, and share it with the world. And thus, in 2009, Idiots of Azeroth was born. It was renamed to Idiots of Warcraft a few weeks into its life.

2. What’s the Hall of Shame?
The Hall of Shame was originally a gallery of people who challenged my low level characters to duels. I consider a person to be ‘high level’ if they are 6 or more levels above me. Level 80+ players are usually the worst culprits. I did announce plans to use it to shame PvP geared players who challenge my PvE geared players to duels, but I’ve not actually done anything about that; changes to PvP gear make it redundant anyway.

3. What do you hope to gain from doing this?
Not much, other than the satisfaction of knowing that I’m doing a good job. People do find IoW funny, you know.

4. I noticed that sometimes your characters change class. Why is this?
Well, it’s because I used to suffer from ‘altisis’. I made an alt, levelled it for a bit, then deleted it and made a new one with the same name. That’s why you’ll sometimes see stories where an alt is a different class from a previous one. Sativan is a good example of this. First he was a Hunter, then a Warlock, then a Rogue, and now back to a Hunter.

5. I’ve noticed you write stories based on gender. How do you know for sure that the person you are writing a story about is male or female?
That’s the thing. I don’t. Many male players have female characters, and vice versa. So, I just write based on the gender of the character the story is about. However, later stories will show me using ‘they’ instead of ‘he’ or ‘she.’

6. You started IoW in September 2011. However, I’ve seen a similar ‘WoW Idiots’ blog which started in February 2011. Why are you copying them?
I’m not. I actually started IoW in December 2009. In June 2010 , I ended it when I quit WoW for a while. In September 2011, I started the blog again. The blog you refer to started on February 16th 2011, during my downtime. So technically, THEY copied ME. Besides, that blog hasn’t updated since February 24th 2011.

7. You have five post categories with ‘Fail’ in them. How do you decide which one to use?
When it comes to deciding which of these categories to use, I go by how many screenshots I have for that particular story. See the table below for more information.

8. If you’re so popular, why don’t you have any comments?
I disabled comments after the people I posted stories about started flooding them with more of their delicious salty tears.

Common 1-5
Uncommon 6-10
Rare 11-15
Epic 16-20
Legendary 21+