Warning: This Post Contains 100% Salt

EDIT (28/12/17): I’ve just noticed that I didn’t swear at all during my initial conversation with Flip. What, does he consider the words ‘stupid’ and ‘logic’ to be rude?

While doing the new content on the Broken Shore, introduced in the latest patch, I came across an elite rare. Standing nearby was a Mage named Flippineck (hereafter shortened to ‘Flip’), who also seemed interested in what this rare had to offer.

I was in Bear Form at the time, which prompted Flip to whisper me.

After I didn’t respond to his calls of ‘go’ and ‘go m8,’ he decided to attack the rare himself; he was promptly face down in the dirt, which started the rest of what you see above. Flip was not happy that I had refused to attack the rare… not that I really gave a fuck at that particular moment, of course.

To be quite honest, I don’t give a shit about you ‘killing loads on your main.’ When it comes to fighting really tough enemies, I prefer to use something called ‘common sense,’ which involves waiting for more people to arrive. I’d offer to lend you some of my common sense, but I’ve barely got enough as it is.

Of course you can kill them on a fucking Hunter, you twat, because you’ve got a fucking pet to do all the tanking and DPS for you. As a Guardian Druid, I do not have that luxury – unless I spec it, though Treants suck – and then there’s the fact I keep forgetting to use Barkskin and Ironfur. Oh, and I fucking hate what they’ve done to Frenzied Regeneration.

You’ve probably noticed that I’m swearing a lot in this update. Well, there’s a reason for that. You see, after putting Flip on ignore, I thought that was the end of it. I did my Broken Shore World Quests and then returned to Dalaran, where I noticed the ‘new mail’ icon had made an appearance.

It was Flip, contacting me on another character to continue our already fucking pointless debate argument.

And if you want to insult the way I play the game, then might I suggest that you practice what you’re fucking preaching, you bastarding hypocrite?

I knew it was Flip, but I wanted to have some fun… for whatever demented reason was going through my head at the time. Oh, and I know my Druid is piss poor; I’ve invested most of her gold in some stuff I hope to turn a decent profit on.

Another whiny little baby complaining about swearing. Why don’t these cunts realise that there’s a fucking Mature Language Filter they can use? Or is Flip just jealous that I’m allowed to swear?

Once again, I tried to explain my logic…

And once again, it goes right over the fucking top of Flip’s head.

Oh, and I was quick to point out that he’s not allowed to name names when posting on the forum; since I am posting on my own blog, that rule doesn’t apply to me. So fucking suck it.

One last message, and that was it. Thankfully, I’ve not heard from the bastard ever since.

One thing did strike me as ironic, though, and that was the name of the guild these characters were in:

‘Bridgeburners.’ How fucking ironic… because you’ve definitely burned all of your bridges with me.