It Was An Accident!

Thanks to the power of missions, I recently came into possession of a Void-Shrouded Satchel on my Druid. Since I already have Touch of the Void, I decided to sell it.


Yeah, okay. Three hundred gold seems like a fair price. I’d better invite him to a group, so that he can come to my Garrison and trade with me.


Oh, shit, I clicked the wrong option in the list. But, alas, by the time I rectified this error, it was far too late.



Now, if this guy had just waited for a moment, I could have explained the situation. But OH NO, he had to throw a hissy fit and turn into a complete and total twat.

Patience is a virtue, fuckface, I suggest you get some.

Oy, This Guy Again…

Oh, look, it’s Tarrendar again!

While milling around in my Druid’s Garrison one day, I saw Tarrendar put a message in Trade:


So, basically, he’s offering two gold each for green items that he can Disenchant so his guild can get the achievement. So, I make what I think is a valid point:


‘No need to this who have common sense?’ Pardon me for thinking that your advert is a bit confusing, and needs further clarification. I’m pretty sure there would have been room to put ‘cheap low level greens’ instead of ‘cheap green items.’


Well, what a surprise. Tarrendar is backing out because he knows I’m right, and also – I assume – because he doesn’t have an appropriate comeback.

Surprisingly enough, he didn’t continue arguing with me after I told him that he couldn’t accept I have a point. Knowing him and his tantrums, he probably put me on ignore.

Whatever, I was still right — and he knows it.

Economics 101

The Auction House, as you are no doubt aware, is a source of income for millions of players. Every day, thousands of items are bought and sold — among them being the humble Netherweave Bag. This one item is responsible for most of the gold I have earned since I founded my bank guild, as bags are the one thing always in demand. It may only have 16 slots, but they are cheap and readily available; an ideal bag for starting your adventures, at least until you can make your own or buy better ones. Most of my characters are in possession of at least four of these inane objects.

How ironic, then, that the humble Netherweave Bag (which, from this point on, I will shorten to NWB) would also be responsible for causing a recent war in the Trade Chat.

It all started like this: I had just made some NWBs and put them on the Auction House. I have a small addon which sends one of six random messages to the Trade Chat, so I used it. That’s when the shit hit the fan, as I attracted the attention of Tarrendar.

Now, Tarrendar is someone whom I never thought I’d be writing about. I once helped him get an achievement on his guild, for which he paid me 5,000 gold. The funny thing is, though… I helped him on Luxxoria.


ANOTHER FUN FACT: At the time of writing this post, I had enough Bolts of Netherweave Cloth to make another two hundred and fifty-seven NWBs.

But I digress: Tarrendar is clearly worried that I am muscling in on his own – seemingly lucrative – NWB trade — although I have to say that putting a hundred of them on the AH is a bit OTT. Also, and feel free to call me vain or whatever, I like to think that I control the NWB market on this server.


Who the hell does this guy think he is, telling me what to do? I do not need his permission, nor anyone elses, to use the Auction House. As you can see, I tell him this…


… and he promptly has a tantrum. I actually put a few on at 1g each myself, just to annoy him. He bought some of them, but I was able to cancel the majority before he could get them.


Let me explain something to you, Tarrendar. I cannot make money on the Auction House if I sell things at the same price as you. I have to make what I am selling seem more attractive to potential buyers — so I do this thing called ‘undercutting,’ which is when I put my items on at a lower price than yours. In this case, I put my own NWBs on at seven gold each; whereas you had them on for ten gold each.

Do you understand now?


He has now gone from being angry to downright immature — so I put him on ignore and grabbed these screenshots.

It is rather unfortunate that I have to type this because, as I said, I thought Tarrendar was a thouroughly decent person. But this incident has shown me that even the nicest of people have a dark side.

Anyway, this concludes our lesson on Economics 101.

Class Dismissed.

I Will Rammar My Opinion Down Your Throat

I was on my Paladin in Orgrimmar when I see a message in Trade, from a player named ‘Ramarr’, asking for a tank or healer to queue for a dungeon with him. He also says that they are free to leave afterwards.


So you want to do fast heroics, yet you’ve said that whoever joins you is free to leave after entering the dungeon? Yes, he could mean they are free to leave after the dungeon is over, but the way he has worded this implies otherwise.

With that in mind, I make my own opinion known:


Basically, I am saying “I’ll join, but only if you pay me. No sense in me getting a debuff without at least getting something out of it.”

But wait, what’s this? “i am only asking ppl which are fancy” — sounds like an insult to me, so I might as well counter it.


If you don’t care about me… why did you reply? I was going to reply to this, by telling him that acting like a dick wasn’t going to get him the help he wanted. I even took him off ignore, but he’d already entered a dungeon.

Anyway, my point is this. Choose your words carefully, otherwise you’ll end up making a prat out of yourself. And if you want help… be nice!

And I’m not sure who ‘Warbeck’ was talking to, but I think he was talking to me — hence why his name isn’t blanked out.

Also, those black areas censor a private conversation I was having with Aim (the other author of IoW who doesn’t post as often as I do).