Ruh-Roh, Raggy’s Rack!

Before we begin this story, there are a few things I need to point out.

  1. You don’t even want to know how many times I read that title in my best Scooby-Doo voice, to make sure it was somewhat correct.
  2. I am now referring to Shaggy as ‘him’ because I’ve heard people – whom I assume are his friends – referring to him as such. If this turns out to be wrong, I will gladly edit the article.
  3. This is tagged as a Legendary Fail because I’ve already done such a story about Shaggy; this is merely continuing the saga.

So, someone has been telling Deadshaggy about the last blog that I wrote about him. I only know this because I logged into my own Death Knight and saw him mentioning ‘that story about me.’

Upon seeing this, I immediately tell Shaggy that it was me who wrote the story. However, this only sets off another chain of fail.

Just because I’ve not got the same name as  the person you were arguing with, that doesn’t mean I’m not them. People can have more than one character, you know. (Or do you?)

And what, pray tell, are Blizzard going to do?

Two questions:

  1. Since when did Blizzard control other websites?
  2. Why the hell should I ever ‘truts’ you?

Wait, so this isn’t my site? Holy shit, I’d better stop using it; I’ll just ignore the fact I’ve been doing so for over ten years.

I’m clearly smarter than you, mate; you are spouting a load of nonsense that doesn’t mean a goddamn thing…

… and you think that I was stupid enough to post about your stupidity on the forum. Please, I like to think I have a little more sense than that.

Glad to see that someone finds Shaggy as annoying as I do.

Wait, why do I get the feeling that I’ve just been ignored again?

Stop whispering me, warrior; you’re getting in the way!


Called it.

Once again, Shaggy proves that he doesn’t know anything. He was adamant that I had posted the story on the forum, which would mean that I would get permabanned. He also seems to think that Blizzard can tell me what I can and cannot put on my blog.

Finally, though, he proved – once again – that the ignore command is his best friend in the entire world.

There’s a limit to how many names that list can hold, Shaggy; what will you do when you get told you can’t add any more to it?

Zoinks, A Hypocrite!

Well, it would appear that 2019 is getting off to a great start; what follows is the first Legendary Fail I’ve seen since August 2014.

It all started out innocently enough; I was on my Level 20 twink Priest when a duel began nearby. A Death Knight named Deadshaggy – a name which should hopefully explain the title I’ve used for this post – asked them if they could duel elsewhere, as it was affecting their computer. When I responded with the age-old reply of ‘get a better one,’ all hell broke loose.

You see, whenever someone says that to someone else, they often take it in good spirit; Deadshaggy is not that kind of person, as you will now see.

Okay, so almost immediately after they told me I was being ‘rude,’ they called me a ‘kid.’ This was only the start of their hypocrisy, though.

I said something in jest, and you flip your shit over it? Puh-leeze, if I wanted to be rude, I’d have said something like ‘Nobody gives a fuck about your opinion, Shaggy, so shut the hell up.’

And now you’re telling me to ‘piss off’ and calling me an idiot. Yet, somehow, I’m still the one who is being rude.

Clearly they are a kid, because only a kid would try to bypass the Mature Language Filter by saying things like ‘u f rude’ and ‘f idiots.’ An adult who didn’t like rude words wouldn’t use them, so they’d have no need to try and bypass the filter.

You’ve said that already, and are now starting to sound like a broken record. A broken record with a bad case of hypocriticus bastarditis, but still.

Again, all I said was ‘get a better one then.’ Everything past that point has been Shaggy’s doing, so the GMs – if they even reported me, which I doubt – would look at the chat logs and see that I’m not at fault.

Mind you, these screenshots prove it just as well.

Is ‘kid’ really the only insult they can think of? It’s getting kinda stale, like the bread I had for my lunch the other day because there was nothing else.

Sure I am, Shaggy; you’re about as intimidating as a bag of kittens and puppies.

No, I made a joke; you’re the one who started being rude.

You said it in a public chat, meaning that anyone who saw it – like me – was free to respond to it as they saw fit. I’m almost wishing I hadn’t, but you have provided me with some great content for this here blog.

Banned, huh? Whatever, pal; the worst I’ll get is a muting. But I won’t even get that, because I haven’t done anything wrong.

Now they are talking to another rogue, namely the one who’s name you see above. I haven’t censored it because said Rogue is just as bad as Shaggy is; they once challenged my Priest to a duel then started flaming me when I refused to accept.

But enough about that; back to Shaggy.

Yep, still being a hypocrite. Maybe they don’t know what that word means…

Someone, please, fix this broken record already!

At this point, I went on my Druid; I tried challenging Shaggy to a duel, but they declined. Shame, too, because I was looking forward to tearing them a new one.

They’re still going on about reporting people? Jesus, does this person have nothing better to do with their time?

Wait for it…

There it is! Once again, Shaggy can’t handle someone dropping a few truth bombs on their self-centred little bubble of arrogance.

Shaggy was Level 105 at the time I wrote this; the only reason they could see my Level 120 Druid in stealth was because they happened to be standing right on top of me.

No idea why that’s worth gloating about, though. *shrug*

‘lvl 105 and  dont knwo how to quest’

See? I can make the same pointless arguments too, you know.

At this point, I finally realise something.

‘Why’ indeed; Shaggy is clearly too afraid to continue arguing with me, hence why I’ve created a new category – Hiding Behind Ignore – as a result of this whole thing.

Yeah, look at me being all badass and edgy. *rolleyes*

Fuck this shit, I’m out.

And there we have it: 25 screenshots of pure hypocrisy. I would say that I hope the rest of 2019 isn’t as bad as this…

But I’d be lying.

Lilshaw? More Like Lilsore!


I was standing around on my Priest when all of a sudden, a Rogue named Lilshaw uses the /chicken emote on me. I was curious as to why this was the case, so I asked them why… only to immediately regret it.

Wow, someone got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning!

Since when did BadBoy_Levels block duels? I wasn’t even aware of that being a feature.

Five times? Pfft, yeah right, pal; I’ll tell you why that’s bullshit in a bit.

I’d put the stupid prick on ignore by this point, hence why there are no more replies. Unless, of course, they were trying desperately to look up better insults than ‘faggot.’

I’d seen Lilshaw dueling other people in Goldshire, and then acting high and mighty when they won. So, I added them to my blacklist, which blocked the two – not five – requests they sent.

But whatever, I still got the last laugh.

I fucking told you you’d end up on here, you moron; perhaps this will teach you not to start shit with random people for no reason, hmm?

Rage With A Side Of Salt

I was on Nogametime – again – when this popped up.

All right, someone wants a duel. Better find them first; I like to inspect people before I duel them, so I know what I’m letting myself in for.

Oh, look, another one of these people. I guess I’d better decline this and use these screenshots to update the Hall of Shame for the first time in–

Hmm, it would seem as though this person can’t handle rejection very well.

Yeah, they mad.

(I normally try to avoid saying ‘umad,’ but I felt I could make an exception here.)

Uhh, you can’t prove that, pal… and I’m pretty sure you’re raging at me for no reason right now, so… yeah, fuck you.

(‘KYS,’ in case you didn’t know, is short for ‘Kill yourself.’)

Rowzy decides to choose the latter offer, whereas this other Shaman decides to pop up and… oh, hell, that realm name is looking too familiar.

Running away from the facts again, Mulder? Seems to be the only thing you’re remotely good at.

Anyway, this was a rather odd thing to happen. Oh well, fuck ’em.

(I should point out that this incident happened on the 13th of January, while the incident mentioned in my previous blog happened on the 7th.)

“It’s *Still* A Legitimate Strategy!”

I was on Nogametime, just chillin’ around Goldshire, when a Death Knight named Braazers asks if anyone has the Grand Expedition Yak. I do, so I get on it and allow Braazers to do what they need to do; they thank me with a /kiss emote, to which I respond with /salute.

Nothing wrong there, right?


Oh, boy, here we go.

Now you know why I’ve titled this post the way I have. Is Mulder seriously still harbouring deep resentment towards me after our last encounter?

Yeah, I think they’re still mad. Oh well, might as well explain things to them… again.

I did ignore them, yes, but not by adding them to my list. I merely blanked them out, because I was far too busy – and more interested – in focusing on owning you with logic (and then with Penance).

For the millionth time, yes.

Braazers/Mulder must be mad if they think I’m going to go “Oh, hey, I would be ever so grateful if you would please kick my arse in a duel.” and then just stand there.

‘Grammar,’ Braazers, not ‘grammer.’ Tsk, tsk.

That still makes you a… actually, I’ll just tell him.

Is it me, or does this person really like using the word ‘tactics?’

Seriously though, it’s the same shit all over again.

So I add them to ignore and leave it at that.

This person really needs to get used to the fact that people don’t have to fight fair in duels if they don’t want to.

Wait, ‘fight fair?’ What the fuck am I talking about? That would imply there are actually rules to be followed when it comes to dueling, or PvP in general. And we all know that’s wrong; hardly anybody even wants rules in PvP.

Now, if only I could figure out how to get this fact through Braazer’s thick skull…