Not A Very Nice Person

Unfortunately, my game crashed before I could take screenshots… but I don’t think I need to remind you all that we don’t make this shit up.

Anywho, I was on my Priest – Nogametime – just chilling around Goldshire, when a Paladin called ‘Nice’ from Darkspear randomly opened a trade window. At first, I assumed it was because they were deleting stuff and I just happened to walk by, but no; they were actually checking if they could open a trade window with me.

As soon as the window was closed, they and a couple of other fucktards – whose names I have forgotten, lucky for them – started calling me a retard because I was playing a character called Nogametime when I ‘clearly had game time.’

I wasn’t even sure what the fucking problem was; I guess people like Piers Morgan are correct when they say that people will get upset over literally anything these days (and I think Piers is a complete and total twat at the best of times).

Nice-Darkspear was the only one I remembered because of the sheer level of hypocrisy involved; calling me a ‘dumbass’ and a ‘retard’ isn’t exactly something that a ‘nice’ person would do. When I called them out on this, they replied by saying that I was the one who started throwing insults around.

Yeah, only because YOU DID IT FIRST.

Anyway, I eventually explained to Nice that Nogametime is indeed the character I use when my game time expires; I also use him to check out if anything interesting is happening in Goldshire.

Just my luck that something interesting was happening… and that I happened to be at the centre of it.

In the end, I put the stupid prick on ignore and left it at that.

Seriously, what I call my characters is nobody’s business. And I hasten to add that this isn’t the first time someone like Nice has had a go at me; I had a similar incident happen a week ago, but didn’t bother to write a story about it because I thought it was a one-time thing.

Boy, was I wrong or what?!

The next time someone feels like having a go at me because my name offends them (for whatever reason), I’m just going to roll my eyes and leave them to their mindless ranting.

Everyday I’m Spam Invitin’

I had just logged onto my Druid when a Hunter named Nikoli, from the Drak’Thul realm, invited me to a group. I refused… but they kept spamming the damn things.

My request for them to stop was, as you can see, ignored; I put them on ignore as a result.

They’re a ‘spineless prick’ because, despite me giving them a chance to, they never once explained why they wanted me in a group. Common WoW etiquette is to talk to someone before you invite them, yet this person clearly didn’t know that.

So, the Hunter vanishes, then a Druid from the same realm suddenly appears and invites me? Yeah, nice try mate.

I don’t know what the fuck this person’s problem was, but who cares?

At the end of the day, it’s another twat on my ever-expanding ignore list, and another update for this blog.

(This story is filed under ‘Trolling’ because if spamming party invites isn’t trolling, I don’t know what is.)

Lilshaw? More Like Lilsore!


I was standing around on my Priest when all of a sudden, a Rogue named Lilshaw uses the /chicken emote on me. I was curious as to why this was the case, so I asked them why… only to immediately regret it.

Wow, someone got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning!

Since when did BadBoy_Levels block duels? I wasn’t even aware of that being a feature.

Five times? Pfft, yeah right, pal; I’ll tell you why that’s bullshit in a bit.

I’d put the stupid prick on ignore by this point, hence why there are no more replies. Unless, of course, they were trying desperately to look up better insults than ‘faggot.’

I’d seen Lilshaw dueling other people in Goldshire, and then acting high and mighty when they won. So, I added them to my blacklist, which blocked the two – not five – requests they sent.

But whatever, I still got the last laugh.

I fucking told you you’d end up on here, you moron; perhaps this will teach you not to start shit with random people for no reason, hmm?