Taken Out Of Context

I actually decided to tank a Legion HC dungeon on Navitas, so I queued for a Random; the fact there was a Call To Arms on tanks had nothing to do with my decision to do it.

Anyway, I ended up in Neltharion’s Lair with a Monk named Aurimi as my healer. Although, when the dungeon loaded, they had already gone ahead and aggored the first couple of mob packs. I guess they thought they were the tank for a moment.

Anyway, the Hunter of the group has a pet which keeps using Growl; I have an addon that tells me this, and reports it to chat.

I’m not going to say anything else now, because the screenshots speak for themselves.

Yeah, ’nuff said.


100% Chance Of Failure

I was in a dungeon earlier, and we were doing quite well. The tank was doing the job very well – even as a Balance Druid – and we were making short work of every encounter thanks to the good DPS (of the other two people; my Warlock’s damage sucked).

However, the tank died before the second phase of the Fenryr encounter because he ran out of range of the healer and aggroed a lot of wolves.

So, rather than admit to his mistake, what does he do? He initiates a vote to kick the healer, citing ‘useless’ as the reason. Yes, really. I voted ‘No,’ of course, but the other two idiots voted ‘Yes’ for some reason and the vote passed. At the end of the dungeon, I made sure to tell the tank (Speedypollo-Pozzodell’Eternità) exactly what the problem was:

BTW, how the fuck do you expect the healer to heal you when you keep running away from them? Fucking idiot.

I think I made my point quite clear, wouldn’t you agree?

Number Crunching

Hello, I’m the other guy who runs this blog. I’m still around; I just don’t seem to be as unfortunate as Geo when it comes to meeting idiots.

I had just finished Ragefire Chasm, when a role check is initiated. However, after myself and the healer – the only two people left – pick their roles, this happens:

Um, okay? That was certainly random; I’d better ask Pomeloana (hereafter referred to as ‘Pome’) what the hell is going on.

Wait, WHAT?! 100k DPS at Level 15? What is this guy on?

Maybe Pome has Recount, and is mistaking the ‘Damage Done’ section for the ‘DPS’ section? That’s a simple enough explanation, right?


‘Good luck finding an instance.’ Well, as a DPS, that’s already hard.

Are you for real? How the hell could you mistake 100 for 10? I think a remedial session in counting is in order, don’t you?

Seriously, though, how elitist can you get, to kick a Level 15 out of a group for ‘low DPS?’

Excuse me while I go and /facepalm hard enough to leave a mark.

What’s So Hard To Understand?

I decided to take my Human Death Knight, Eeyup – bonus points if you get the reference – into some random dungeons. Since he’s only Level 70, he was put into Utgarde Keep.

Within seconds of starting the dungeon, one of the DPS has rushed ahead and pulled a large pack of mobs. Now, depending on how long you’ve been reading this blog for, you will know that this is one of my pet peeves. I cannot stand DPS who think they feel the need to do my job for me, so I do what I always do in this situation… and leave the group.

Sure, I got the ‘Deserter’ debuff, but I felt it was worth it. I thought that was the matter over and done with — but apparently it wasn’t, going by the angry whisper I received from one of the people who had been in the group with me:


First of all: I didn’t even get a chance to see who else was in the group with me before I left, hence why I asked this guy who he was.

Secondly: just because you’re a Warlock, that doesn’t mean you lack the ability to pull mobs. So why you said that is beyond me.


It’s not a case of me ‘not being able to handle the tanking,’ it’s a case of not wanting to deal with idiot DPS who think that, just because I have a lot of health, I want to fight half the fucking instance at once.


I refuse to believe that there are tanks out there who have never had to put up with some jackass pulling everything and hoping they can deal with it.

This guy is talking like the whole concept is alien to him.


How am I a moron for not knowing that you tank? Then again, this only serves to further reinforce my theory that the concept of DPS pulling large groups is foreign to you.

Seriously, has it ever happened to you? If not, you’re one in a million.

Anyway, my point is: I refuse to do dungeons with DPS who want to endanger the group by pulling large packs of mobs. Granted, I might be able to handle them — but who’s to say that my healer will be able to keep up with the damage I’d take?

It’s a huge risk, and it is not one I am preparted to take. That is why I left the group, that is why I often hate tanking, and that is why Tempaege needs to face some hard facts.

Yunko Is No Funko

Aim and I were doing Timewalking Dungeons, finding ourselves in Utgarde Keep. I was tanking, and I was unfortunate to find myself lumbered with a rather lazy healer.

Needless to say, it wasn’t long before I died.


I never had any problem doing these dungeons back when I was a proper Level 80, so I don’t know why it is such a big deal now. My healer, Yunko, offers a sarcastic comment, to which Aim responds with this:


If Yunko was ‘spamming’ heals, then I’m next in line for the British throne.


All was quiet for a while — until a ‘Vote Kick’ dialog suddenly appeared. The intended target? Baegon (Aim). The reason? ‘Faggot.’

It’s just a shame I didn’t get a screenshot of it. I also voted ‘No,’ but I think you all gathered that.

The vote, sadly, passed, and Aim was removed from the group. No prizes for guessing who initiated it. Suffice to say, I left soon after.

But was Aim right to say that Yunko’s heals were ‘weak?’ Let me check my Recount…

Yunko005 Yunko004 Yunko007 Yunko006Yunko’s Healing + Overhealing = 383,391.

I used Frenzied Regeneration and Healing Touch to heal myself for 119,054. Take that away from my Healing Taken and you get 341,703. If you take away my Damage Taken, you are left with -168,639 — which tells me that Aim is indeed correct.

Any healer who is ‘spamming’ heals should not be left with a deficit this large.

Feel free to prove me wrong if you think my maths is crap, but until then I will continue to assume that Yunko just got a little bit butthurt.

(Obligatory: ‘Funko’ is a registered trademark.)