Cry Some More

No screenshots for this one, folks, because I forgot to take them. /facepalm

I was on my Rogue, Brohoof, whom I am gearing for PvP. He hasn’t got the best gear yet, but we all had to start somewhere (something those PvP elitists don’t seem to understand).

I was in Elwynn Forest when I saw a few messages in the LocalDefense channel. Five, to be precise. I knew where the attack was taking place, and headed over to where Guard Thomas is to check it out. I stealthed as I approached, whereupon I saw a Level 69 Undead named Spaiderhunt-Anachronos — who was flagged.

Anyone who has read this blog will understand what my feelings are about PvP and flagging. But if you’re not familiar with said feelings, then put simply they are: If you flag for PvP, you are giving anyone and everyone permission to attack and/or kill you.

In Spaiderhunt’s case, it was the latter. I quickly flagged myself – on account of the fact you now need to do that before attacking another flagged player – and delivered a fatal blow with a quick Ambush. I then killed her again for good measure when she ressed.

As I waited for her to respawn, her corpse disappeared. Thinking she had ressed, I looked around for her, but to no avail. I was about to leave when a Level 100 Night Elf Druid turned up, also from Anachronos. Thinking it was someone else there to investigate the attack, I was about to tell them that it had been dealt with when they said ‘Can you stop.’

It was Spaiderhunt, and she had logged onto an Alliance character to berate me.

I was quick to point out that she flagged first, meaning that anyone had free reign to attack her, but she kept whining about me killing her and flat out begged me to stop.

I said I would — then killed her twice more when she relogged her Undead.

This was probably a dick move, but consider it like this.

Flagging for PvP is basically saying ‘come get some.’ There are no rules on world PvP, meaning that a Level 69 who flags can just as easily be jumped by a Level 100. If Spaiderhunt wanted a fair fight, she should have gone into a battleground.

Anyway, that’s all. Spaiderhunt then did the sensible thing and waited for her PvP to go off before she ressed. Then she hearthed away — with Brohoofs mocking laughter no doubt ringing in her rotten ears.

The Hall Of Shame Is Back!

I have blown the dust off the old Hall of Shame, and will now use it to name and shame the various PvP geared elitists who challenge my PvE geared players to duels.

I will post on Twitter (@IdiotsOfWoW) whenever it is updated.

What’s So Hard To Understand?

I decided to take my Human Death Knight, Eeyup – bonus points if you get the reference – into some random dungeons. Since he’s only Level 70, he was put into Utgarde Keep.

Within seconds of starting the dungeon, one of the DPS has rushed ahead and pulled a large pack of mobs. Now, depending on how long you’ve been reading this blog for, you will know that this is one of my pet peeves. I cannot stand DPS who think they feel the need to do my job for me, so I do what I always do in this situation… and leave the group.

Sure, I got the ‘Deserter’ debuff, but I felt it was worth it. I thought that was the matter over and done with — but apparently it wasn’t, going by the angry whisper I received from one of the people who had been in the group with me:


First of all: I didn’t even get a chance to see who else was in the group with me before I left, hence why I asked this guy who he was.

Secondly: just because you’re a Warlock, that doesn’t mean you lack the ability to pull mobs. So why you said that is beyond me.


It’s not a case of me ‘not being able to handle the tanking,’ it’s a case of not wanting to deal with idiot DPS who think that, just because I have a lot of health, I want to fight half the fucking instance at once.


I refuse to believe that there are tanks out there who have never had to put up with some jackass pulling everything and hoping they can deal with it.

This guy is talking like the whole concept is alien to him.


How am I a moron for not knowing that you tank? Then again, this only serves to further reinforce my theory that the concept of DPS pulling large groups is foreign to you.

Seriously, has it ever happened to you? If not, you’re one in a million.

Anyway, my point is: I refuse to do dungeons with DPS who want to endanger the group by pulling large packs of mobs. Granted, I might be able to handle them — but who’s to say that my healer will be able to keep up with the damage I’d take?

It’s a huge risk, and it is not one I am preparted to take. That is why I left the group, that is why I often hate tanking, and that is why Tempaege needs to face some hard facts.

It Was An Accident!

Thanks to the power of missions, I recently came into possession of a Void-Shrouded Satchel on my Druid. Since I already have Touch of the Void, I decided to sell it.


Yeah, okay. Three hundred gold seems like a fair price. I’d better invite him to a group, so that he can come to my Garrison and trade with me.


Oh, shit, I clicked the wrong option in the list. But, alas, by the time I rectified this error, it was far too late.



Now, if this guy had just waited for a moment, I could have explained the situation. But OH NO, he had to throw a hissy fit and turn into a complete and total twat.

Patience is a virtue, fuckface, I suggest you get some.

Oy, This Guy Again…

Oh, look, it’s Tarrendar again!

While milling around in my Druid’s Garrison one day, I saw Tarrendar put a message in Trade:


So, basically, he’s offering two gold each for green items that he can Disenchant so his guild can get the achievement. So, I make what I think is a valid point:


‘No need to this who have common sense?’ Pardon me for thinking that your advert is a bit confusing, and needs further clarification. I’m pretty sure there would have been room to put ‘cheap low level greens’ instead of ‘cheap green items.’


Well, what a surprise. Tarrendar is backing out because he knows I’m right, and also – I assume – because he doesn’t have an appropriate comeback.

Surprisingly enough, he didn’t continue arguing with me after I told him that he couldn’t accept I have a point. Knowing him and his tantrums, he probably put me on ignore.

Whatever, I was still right — and he knows it.