I Would Have Had You Otherwise

Healing during duels is a subject many players disagree on. Some, like me, think it is a coward’s tactic while others argue that it is a necessary thing to do to ensure victory.

I was dueling a Monk earlier today, and I only lost because he kept healing himself with Healing Spheres. Whenever I was close to victory he would use Leg Sweep and then pop a couple of the damn things to bring him back to max HP. All I had was Second Wind, and it didn’t prove to be of much use to me.

I think that healing during a duel is simply pathetic, as the whole point of a duel is to determine who is the better fighter — not the better healer. I can understand a healing specced player doing a duel – many do so to test their ability to heal through a lot of damage – but when it comes down to the nitty-gritty… heals should be disallowed.

I’m not bitter about losing (well, okay, I am a bit), but I really think that Blizzard should revamp duels to allow for rules to be set between the combatants. Things like ‘no healing’, ‘no buffs’, ‘no stuns’, and so forth.

I know this is never going to happen, but a man can dream.

Long story short: Protection Warriors suck at duels.

The Different Types Of Idiot You’ll Meet While Doing Dungeons

YAY, I’M NOT DEAD! I’ve just been busy doing other stuff, like writing MLP stories (yeah, I’m a Brony — deal with it).

Anyway, I’ve been doing a lot of dungeons lately, and have come across many different kinds of player. This blog will focus mostly on the bad ones.


These guys like to make the tank’s life a misery by pulling as many mobs as they can, rather than letting the tank do it. In my experience, Hunters are the biggest offenders. The excuses I’ve seen from people who do this range from “You were taking too long” (I once got told this less than five seconds after entering a dungeon) to “You’re not pulling enough”.

Call me what you want, but I have a mantra: “You pull it, you fight it.” So if someone pulls before I have a chance to, I just don’t bother to help them. After all, they think they can do my job for me — so who am I to stop them?


Everyone hates these guys! You’ve spent so long grinding a dungeon, trying to get that vital piece of gear… only for some twat to snipe it from you like it was an eBay auction.

I consider someone to be a Ninja Looter if any of the following criteria apply:

  • They already have the item they Needed on.
  • They have something better than the item they Needed on.
  • They can’t use the item they Needed on.

These people are dickheads, pure and simple.


These people want to get the dungeon over and done with as soon as possible, and will constantly demand you to hurry up. It’s more common when I’m tanking. Some of them will also resort to Ninja Pulling, just to make things even more irritating. They need to stop and realise that not everyone can keep up with their hyperactive pace. I play the game MY way, NOT theirs, and they need to respect that.


Exactly what it says on the tin: Someone attempting to tank or heal while in DPS gear or using a DPS spec. Nine times out of ten they just wanted to get into a dungeon as soon as possible, and so decided to inflict the rest of the group with their presence.

In my experience most wipes are caused by these people, as the DPS Tank can’t hold aggro and the DPS Healer can’t heal fast enough.

That’s all I can think of right now, but I can always write a new blog if I think of any more.

Until the next time, keep on adventuring!

I Will Rammar My Opinion Down Your Throat

I was on my Paladin in Orgrimmar when I see a message in Trade, from a player named ‘Ramarr’, asking for a tank or healer to queue for a dungeon with him. He also says that they are free to leave afterwards.


So you want to do fast heroics, yet you’ve said that whoever joins you is free to leave after entering the dungeon? Yes, he could mean they are free to leave after the dungeon is over, but the way he has worded this implies otherwise.

With that in mind, I make my own opinion known:


Basically, I am saying “I’ll join, but only if you pay me. No sense in me getting a debuff without at least getting something out of it.”

But wait, what’s this? “i am only asking ppl which are fancy” — sounds like an insult to me, so I might as well counter it.


If you don’t care about me… why did you reply? I was going to reply to this, by telling him that acting like a dick wasn’t going to get him the help he wanted. I even took him off ignore, but he’d already entered a dungeon.

Anyway, my point is this. Choose your words carefully, otherwise you’ll end up making a prat out of yourself. And if you want help… be nice!

And I’m not sure who ‘Warbeck’ was talking to, but I think he was talking to me — hence why his name isn’t blanked out.

Also, those black areas censor a private conversation I was having with Aim (the other author of IoW who doesn’t post as often as I do).

Queue Jumpers FTL (via Andrew Grabauskas)

Another submission? Holy crap! Anyway, this one is from a Warlock named Demaja (server and region not provided). This is what he said.

I was once running an instance with my Warlock, Demaja. It turned out our healer didn’t want to heal, and had only queued as a healer in order to get in a group faster. Fortunately we had other healing capable classes, so we were able to finish the instance.

I can sympthathise with you whole-heartedly on this, having seen this happen so many times while on my own characters. People who do this piss me off. I’ve seen Balance Druids queuing as healers and Retribution Paladins queuing as tanks.

They can’t be bothered waiting in the proper slot for fifteen-plus minutes, yet they can be bothered to inconvenience other players in the group with their idleness.

I’m glad that you were able to complete the instance. When this happens to me, nine times out of ten the group will fall apart.

Thank you for sharing your experience with us, though I have to admit that when I saw the subject line of your email, I thought you were making a complaint about my Druid! :D

“Pardon me, but UR GEAR STILL SUX LOLZ”

I’m trying to gear Holiestcow, as he’s my main Horde character. So to do so I queued up for a Random Pandaria Heroic. Needless to say I didn’t have to wait long.

Sadly, within seconds of entering Siege of Niuzao Temple, this happened.


Oh look, more hypocrites whining about my gear. Nothing new there then.


I have a point you know. My Item Level is clearly high enough for me to queue for Heroics, so my gear isn’t as crap as these guys are making it out to be.


So owning your asses with logic makes me ‘overconfident’, does it? Right, OK. Whatever.


Yeah, fuck these elitist cunts. Once again people like this forget that they were in the same situation as me once, so they have no right to criticise my gear.

I would have liked to have continued and proven that I could do my job as tank effectively, but the patronising kinda killed it for me.

I was a bit pissed off after this, so I went to Westfall and killed a few Alliance players to cool off. :D