A-Ougha, A-Ougha! Elitist Alert, Elitist Alert!

I’ve said numerous times before that I don’t really do PvP – unless you count nuking the everloving shit out of a low level as such – yet I will often spend some time standing outside Orgrimmar or in Goldshire, watching those who do care about PvP dueling.

Naturally, this is also an invitation for every elitist fuckwit in the zone to come along, inspect me, and then issue the inevitable challenge — like Ougha from Magtheridon, who challenged Monkfu three times in quick succession. Every request was blocked – DuelResponse FTW* – but he still tried. Yet, when I told him to keep at it…


Hoo boy. He’s one of those people.


Of course I know you’d fuck me over, shithead; one of the reasons why I have an anti-duel addon installed is to stop exactly that from happening.


Can you spot the moment when I got sick of his attitude? It should be fairly obvious.

Oh, how I wish this kind of behaviour would just disappear from the game… but then I remember that I live in the real world, and so such a thing will never happen. So, for now, I will continue my war against these arrogant, self-centred, egotistical swine.

Gonna need a bigger ignore list, though…

* Of course I would say this; I wrote it, after all.

But You Said You… Oh, Never Mind!

I’m currently levelling up an Orc Shaman, who is now working his way through the tedium that is Outland. While doing the quest to bomb demons on the Abyssal Shelf, I had some issues; I kept getting ‘out of range’ messages (even though I was right above my target), and even the occasional ‘spell not learned’ message.

Wondering if it was just me, I decided to ask in General chat about it. Let’s see if you can spot the failure here:


Did you see it? No? Well, let me explain. Nyàh claims to have read what I said about having an issue with the quest, yet still said that I wasn’t ‘doing it right’ and that I was ‘stupid.’

Yet when I challenged them on this, no more was said.

Go figure.


While standing outside Orgimmar on my Monk, the aptly named Monkfu, I was challenged to a duel by another Monk. It was blocked by DuelResponse, at which point he did it another couple of times. When I told the elitist prick to get fucked, this happened.

If you can count the number of times he challenged me, you’ll get a (virtual) cookie.

Named And Shamed

This post may prove to be a bit controversial, for reasons that will soon become apparent, but I feel that I need to publish it. After all, someone adding me on Battle.net just to flame me is indeed a first.

Allow me to explain.

As you all know, there is an in-game event going on wherein Azeroth is being invaded by the forces of the Burning Legion (and is, quite frankly, the best in-game event Blizzard has ever created).

I was responding to an invasion in Westfall on my Druid, when I saw a flagged Level 100 Horde player under attack from demons. So, I did what came naturally… and killed them.

The next thing I know, I get a Battle.net friend request. I ignore it and carry on killing demons, only for the person to send it again. This time, I decide to humour them and accept — only for this to happen:


It was the Horde player I killed, adding me just to spout that. Makes a change from logging out and creating an Alliance character, I guess.

To say that I was not impressed with this would be an understatement. I defeated this player in PvP combat, for which there are no rules, and they feel the need to do this. I tried reporting them for it; they had removed me as a friend, so I kept getting a Lua error.

Now we get to the controversial (I think) part… wherein I reveal this prick’s Battle.net ID to show them that they can’t pull this sort of stunt and expect me to just forget about it.

So, yeah… FUCK YOU, FarahAli#2586!

I’m done here. Peace out.

*mic drop*

Not So Tough Now, Are Ya?

This little incident actually happened shortly after the events of my last post, back in April. So it just goes to show you how much I neglect this blog.

I might root around that archive I found and post some old stories, because finding new ones is becoming harder by the day.

‘What archive?’ Well, I found an old ZIP file on a DVD which contained every screenshot from the old Idiots of Warcraft blog, before I closed it. It’s got some classic moments, and I might just start uploading them again… maybe on Thursdays, if I remember.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand. I was on my Hunter, Sativan, standing around in Goldshire – out of boredom, as per usual – when I was approached by a Rogue named Kælingr.


As you can see, Kælingr really wants to duel me. But he was PvP geared, and Sativan is only PvE geared… and, what’s this? I’m the ‘noob?’


Might as well explain to him why he’s wrong, although he clearly didn’t like it.

Already sick of his shit, I put out a challenge to the other Level 100s standing nearby.


It was nice of this Priest to accept my offer and decline payment, wasn’t it? Such a noble person.

Anyway, he challenges Kælingr to a duel… a request which is rejected.


The Priest keeps challenging; Kælingr keeps refusing.


Now the stupid prat knows what I felt like.


Surprise, surprise, Kælingr runs into the Lion’s Pride and logs out. And, you know what?

I haven’t seen them since.