Yunko Is No Funko

Aim and I were doing Timewalking Dungeons, finding ourselves in Utgarde Keep. I was tanking, and I was unfortunate to find myself lumbered with a rather lazy healer.

Needless to say, it wasn’t long before I died.


I never had any problem doing these dungeons back when I was a proper Level 80, so I don’t know why it is such a big deal now. My healer, Yunko, offers a sarcastic comment, to which Aim responds with this:


If Yunko was ‘spamming’ heals, then I’m next in line for the British throne.


All was quiet for a while — until a ‘Vote Kick’ dialog suddenly appeared. The intended target? Baegon (Aim). The reason? ‘Faggot.’

It’s just a shame I didn’t get a screenshot of it. I also voted ‘No,’ but I think you all gathered that.

The vote, sadly, passed, and Aim was removed from the group. No prizes for guessing who initiated it. Suffice to say, I left soon after.

But was Aim right to say that Yunko’s heals were ‘weak?’ Let me check my Recount…

Yunko005 Yunko004 Yunko007 Yunko006Yunko’s Healing + Overhealing = 383,391.

I used Frenzied Regeneration and Healing Touch to heal myself for 119,054. Take that away from my Healing Taken and you get 341,703. If you take away my Damage Taken, you are left with -168,639 — which tells me that Aim is indeed correct.

Any healer who is ‘spamming’ heals should not be left with a deficit this large.

Feel free to prove me wrong if you think my maths is crap, but until then I will continue to assume that Yunko just got a little bit butthurt.

(Obligatory: ‘Funko’ is a registered trademark.)

Conversational Conundrum

I recently faction changed my Tauren Paladin, Holiestcow, turning him into a Human named Luxxor. I was on him earlier today (July 12th), when I decided to go to Goldshire and see if there were any duels taking place that I could watch.

So I hearth from my Garrison to Stormwind and make the trip down to Goldshire. A few moments after I arrive, I notice that I have attracted the attention of a Level 20 Paladin called Andyande (hereafter referred to as ‘Andy’). He has me targeted, so I assume he is inspecting me. Luxxor is transmogged to look like a Stormwind Guard, so he gets inspected a lot.

However, as soon as I take a few steps forward, Andy follows. Thinking it was a coincidence, I get on my Twilight Drake and fly up to the roof of the Lion’s Pride Inn. Sure enough, Andyande begins attempting to jump on the roof.

I fly over to the roof of the blacksmith across the road and watch him. At this point, I decide to whisper him to ask that he stop following me. He responds by telling me that he asked me where I got my armour from. One quick look through the chat tells me that this was not the case, and I tell him as such.

Andy is adamant that he spoke to me via /say, and I am equally as adamant that he didn’t speak to me or whisper. He responds by telling me that, as someone using a Starter Edition, he can’t whisper people until they whisper him.

I eventually get fed up trying to argue with him and put him on ignore.

I swap to another character just in time to see him talking shit about me to anyone who will listen, referring to me as ‘a baby who didn’t learn to read’ (or words to that effect).

I get annoyed, again, and tell him that I have proof he didn’t speak to me. I then tell him to wait about twenty minutes while I prepare it.

After uploading my screenshots to imgur, I log back in to the game — to find that Andy has gone offline. This tells me that he finally realised he was wrong, but chose to go offline rather than face the facts.

Now, I don’t normally do things like this — but for Andy, I felt that I had to make an exception. I go to Doomhammer, create a character, and then send him a link to the imgur album (which I have since deleted).

I’m not sure if Andy saw my screenshots, but I don’t really care. Here, for posterity, is the absolute proof that he was talking a load of bollocks.

Andyande001 Andyande002 Andyande003 Andyande004 Andyande005 Andyande006 Andyande007 Andyande008 Andyande009It was at this point I decided to put him on ignore and log onto another character. Which, in turn, led to me finding him talking shit about me and thus prompted me to write this post.

If you see this, Andy, then I look forward to an apology.

Though I doubt I’ll ever get one.

Seventeenth Times The Charm

I’m not really into PvP that much, this much is certain.

Well… I may attack an enemy player if I think I can kill them, or if they are a much lower level than I am (but, as I’ve said countless times, if you don’t want your Level 60 Horde to get facesmashed by my Level 100 Alliance, don’t flag), or when there are other people around to help with the battle. But for the most part, I stay out of Battlegrounds, Wintergrasp and Ashran.

As anyone who plays WoW will know, a lot of duels take place outside of Orgrimmar or in Goldshire. I like watching duels, but I don’t like taking part ine one — which is why I have an anti-duel addon (DuelResponse) installed.

I don’t like duels because most of the people who challenge me are elitist fucks decked out in fully gemmed and enchanted epic PvP gear. DuelResponse stops most of them in their tracks — but it didn’t seem to deter ‘Nitrownage,’ a Priest from Stormrage.

I was on my own Priest, Brony on Lightbringer, and I was watching the duels outside of Orgrimmar when Nitrownage runs up to me:

Nitrownage001As you can see, he kept spamming me with duel requests even when DuelResponse automatically declined them. So I ask him, rather curtly, to stop it.


Fat lot of good that did me. This guy is getting on my nerves, so I make my feelings clear.

Nitrownage003Up until now, you can see that he has challenged me sixteen times.


Who said anything about ‘wanting to try’ anything? I don’t want to duel you, so why you can’t piss off and leave me alone is beond me.

After issuing challenge number 17, he finally gets the hint and fucks off.

Suffice to say, I didn’t stick around long enough to find out what happened with the next person he challenged.

Well… That’s A Bit Harsh

I was on Holiestcow earlier, browsing the premade groups for anyone with a Level 3 Storehouse in their Garrison, when I came across this person’s group:

Aphokyroz01So you missed out on your Sunhide Gronnling, big fucking deal. Poundfist will respawn in a few days, so it’s not like you’re never going to get another chance.

Anyway, I just wanted to post this as a quick update. Hopefully you will find this person’s rage as amusing as I have.