Suddenly, Whining!

I was on my Mage (for once), doing some questing in Shadowmoon Valley. I was busy slaughtering Shadow Council orcs for a quest, and had just killed a warlock when I suddenly got a random whisper from a Rogue named Shaunia.


Basically, Shaunia – whom I never saw once during this whole conversation – is whining at me for killing the enemy they were going to pickpocket.

I’m a Mage, and Mages can attack from range. I was at least thirty yards away from the orc, flinging Frostbolts like nobody’s business. Since this person wanted to pickpocket, I am going to assume that they were probably only five or ten yards away — meaning that I wouldn’t have been able to detect their presence, since they would have been thirty yards away from me as well.


Maybe calling them a bellend was a bit OTT, but I was getting annoyed at their whining. They expected me to somehow know that they were there, clearly not understanding how Stealth works.

I put them on ignore after this, to end the charade, and continued on my path of slaughter.

And I’m still nowhere near the next level yet. *sigh*

A Good Point

A few weeks ago, Fyreuni posted the following tweets:

I know that Hanzo and World of Warcraft are two entirely different games, but the same logic still applies to the latter. Many people these days seem to think that, once they reach the level cap, that gives them the right to act like complete and total arseholes towards new and lower level players.

I have been playing WoW since 2007, and I was the victim of this ‘newbie shaming’ (for want of a better phrase). I couldn’t ask a question about the game, or ask for help with a quest, without being bombarded with sarcastic or even downright insulting responses. But some people did help me, and I learned much about the game. I don’t claim to be an expert at it, but I know a few things and will try to help people as and when I can.

The thing is, the people throwing these insults around often forget that they were once in the shoes of the person they’re mocking. Every single person playing started out as a confused Level 1 in their respective starter area, and worked their way up from there. Over time, they would learn things about the game, their class, their abilities, the lore, and so forth; some of them would then pass this knowledge to other new players.

Sadly, the ‘toxic community’ that Fyreuni talked about seems to be the norm these days. I can’t remember the last time I saw anyone actively give help to a player who was asking for it. These high level elitists think that, just because they’ve got every available piece of best-in-slot gear for their character, they are above those still working their way up.

I wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest if WoW’s declining subscription numbers are due, at least in some part, to new players being subjected to abuse and deciding to not renew their subscription when it expires.

Having said that, some new players seem to think that the high level players are there to cater to their every whim. I’ve had a few cases where a low level has continuously bugged me for gold, or a boost, and then gotten aggressive when I refuse to assist them because of their attitude in asking.

Nobody is perfect, that much is certain, but all of us need to learn how to work together if we are to make the WoW community one of the best there is.

And so ends my opinion on the matter.

False Accusations VI

Wow, it’s been a while since I had to write one of these posts.

Anyway: I was on Nogametime again, just milling around in Goldshire, when all of a sudden…


I have no idea who the hell this guy is, or who is he talking about.


I’m ‘Mad’ because some random arsehole is acting like an arsehole towards me, accusing me of doing something that I didn’t.


By the way, mate, I’m still waiting on that proof.


I don’t know why this guy felt the need to get involved, but he did.


At the time of writing this post, Guysup was Level 80. Nogametime is Level 20, hence my massive overuse of sarcasm here.


After all of that, nothing was accomplished. Guysup didn’t seem so keen on continuing the shit they started; they were either trolling, or realised they had the wrong person.

I’m guessing the former.

However, we’re still not done. I went to Goldshire on my Druid a few minutes later and found Aloisius dueling a Druid — who turned out to be Guysup. I interrogated him again, trying to figure out exactly what his problem was, but all I managed to get out of him was that he claims I called his girlfriend a ‘fucking retard.’

When I asked for proof of this, he once again dodged the question. At the same time, yet another nearby person (whom I assumed to be another one of his friends) decided to get involved, asking me if I had proof that I didn’t call Guysup’s girlfriend this.

I didn’t reply, given that I can’t really prove I didn’t. However, it goes without saying that I am not that kind of person. Besides, I’m pretty sure the Game Masters keep chat logs. If anyone can prove I didn’t, they can.

Anyway, that’s it for this round of bullshit.


Less QQ… No, I Said ‘Less!’

While hanging around on Nogametime – the Level 20 Priest I use when my gametime expires – in Goldshire one day, I was challenged to a duel by a lower level Rogue from the Turalyon realm called Missfk.

I defeated her, and that’s when the shit hit the fan.

MissfkMonkness001While is conversation was going on, Monknéss then challenges me. She wants me to stand still and not attack her — but given that I didn’t agree to do this, nor do I want my win/loss record to take a hit, I attack her.

MissfkMonkness002Aw, well, that’s too bad.

MissfkMonkness003Missfk challenges me again, and I win.

MissfkMonkness004 And what the hell is that supposed to mean? Are your parents watching you play the game or something? What is stopping you from cussing me out?

MissfkMonkness005This is true, they kept on challenging me and yet they have the never to say I don’t play fair. It’s not my fault they wanted a fight.

MissfkMonkness006 At this point, I am sick of their whining.

MissfkMonkness007And so, I put them both on ignore.

End of story.

Cry Some More

No screenshots for this one, folks, because I forgot to take them. /facepalm

I was on my Rogue, Brohoof, whom I am gearing for PvP. He hasn’t got the best gear yet, but we all had to start somewhere (something those PvP elitists don’t seem to understand).

I was in Elwynn Forest when I saw a few messages in the LocalDefense channel. Five, to be precise. I knew where the attack was taking place, and headed over to where Guard Thomas is to check it out. I stealthed as I approached, whereupon I saw a Level 69 Undead named Spaiderhunt-Anachronos — who was flagged.

Anyone who has read this blog will understand what my feelings are about PvP and flagging. But if you’re not familiar with said feelings, then put simply they are: If you flag for PvP, you are giving anyone and everyone permission to attack and/or kill you.

In Spaiderhunt’s case, it was the latter. I quickly flagged myself – on account of the fact you now need to do that before attacking another flagged player – and delivered a fatal blow with a quick Ambush. I then killed her again for good measure when she ressed.

As I waited for her to respawn, her corpse disappeared. Thinking she had ressed, I looked around for her, but to no avail. I was about to leave when a Level 100 Night Elf Druid turned up, also from Anachronos. Thinking it was someone else there to investigate the attack, I was about to tell them that it had been dealt with when they said ‘Can you stop.’

It was Spaiderhunt, and she had logged onto an Alliance character to berate me.

I was quick to point out that she flagged first, meaning that anyone had free reign to attack her, but she kept whining about me killing her and flat out begged me to stop.

I said I would — then killed her twice more when she relogged her Undead.

This was probably a dick move, but consider it like this.

Flagging for PvP is basically saying ‘come get some.’ There are no rules on world PvP, meaning that a Level 69 who flags can just as easily be jumped by a Level 100. If Spaiderhunt wanted a fair fight, she should have gone into a battleground.

Anyway, that’s all. Spaiderhunt then did the sensible thing and waited for her PvP to go off before she ressed. Then she hearthed away — with Brohoofs mocking laughter no doubt ringing in her rotten ears.