This Angel Is Anything BUT Angelic

Aim and I were in Outland, questing like crazy so we could leave (since we both hate it so much). But we eventually had to call it a night, and so we both decided to log off and get some sleep. But once Aim went offline, I was fortunate enough to encounter a Blood Elf Priest named Angel — who introduced herself to me in a rather odd manner:


Well, this is certainly something odd. Very rarely do I get people coming up to me and giving me abuse for no reason.


Yeah, okay. Whatever makes you happy… I guess.


At the time of this taking place, Angel was Level 90 and I was only Level 59. She probably wants to duel me because she can’t beat anyone else.


But, thankfully, DuelResponse put her in her place. And once I said she was ‘adorable,’ she actually surprised me by shutting up.

Which is a shame, really, because things were just getting entertaining.

Oh, Charming!

WordPress is letting me upload screenshots again, so let’s get some stories going!

I was on Brohoof, my Rogue, opening lockboxes for people in Stormwind. A Death Knight named Denas asked me to unlock a couple for him, to which I agreed.

After I opened them, I said my goodbyes and left. Aim was wanting my help with something, so I was going to do that.

Imagine my surprise, then, when I get this:


I have no earthly idea why in the hell he was doing this. He asked me to unlock a couple of boxes, so I did. A ‘couple,’ as you know, is only two — so if he had any more, he failed to mention them to me before I left.

‘Wait a minute, I have some more boxes.’ would have been the better thing to say.

It’s just a pity Denas didn’t realise this.

Having A Gurubashing Time


No screenshots for this one — but as I’ve stated ad nauseum, we don’t make this shit up.

I was on Luxxor – my Tauren Warrior – questing alongside Raxion, Aim’s Pandaren Monk. We were making our way to Tanaris — but because we couldn’t get a portal to Dalaran (which would allow us to use the Caverns of Time portal), we had to go the long way: Grom’gol > Booty Bay > Ratchet > Long walk south.

On the way to Booty Bay, we stopped off at the Gurubashi Arena. Since nobody else was around, we completed these and then two.

Shortly after completing both quests, a level 39 Pandaren Monk arrived. He was Alliance, but that didn’t stop him from starting to spam Aim and I with /laugh, /taunt and /chicken emotes. When I used /laugh back at him, he started to spam /wait on me, and then logged out.

Aim and I figured that he was going to get a high level character, and that he also figured we’d be stupid enough to enter the arena to wait for him. But after five minutes, it became evident that he wasn’t going to turn up. So, we prepared to leave.

Just then, a Level 82 Blood Elf Hunter and a Worgen Hunter arrived. The Worgen turned out to be the Monk, and started spamming us with emotes. He was skulled, but I inspected him and discovered from his heirlooms that he was Level 62.

This is when things got a bit crazy. More people turned up, a Level 90 Gnome Monk (I could tell from her HP), a Level 90 Troll Druid, and a few more Alliance. All of them went into the arena… and just stood around doing nothing. The Druid tried to get me to join them, claiming I wouldn’t be harmed, but I wasn’t falling for the obvious trap.

The Level 39 Monk from earlier came back and once again started spamming emotes. When he too entered the arena I took a chance and went for him — only to be killed by the Druid (hence why this is filed under ‘Hypocrisy’).

The Worgen Hunter came back as well and tried to get me to duel him. Aim and I both decided that enough was enough — so he got Roguerage – his Undead Rogue – and I went to grab Luxxoria, my Gnome Mage.

I arrived at the Arena just in time to see the Pandaren Monk leaving, so I promptly one-shotted the crap out of him, then the Level 82 Hunter, and then a nearby Worgen Druid (who started raging at me for killing him and the others).

Satisfied that I had made my point, I logged back onto Luxxor — only to get even more spam thrown at me. So, I went and got Navitas (my Night Elf Druid).

I went to the Arena and made mincemeat of the Monk and Hunter again. When the Troll Druid and Gnome Monk tried to fight back, Aim and I teamed up – despite the fact he was still on Roguerage – and beat the shit out of both of them. We killed the Monk, but sadly the Druid survived long enough to escape the Arena and allow his FFA flag to vanish.

After killing the Pandaren Monk, Blood Elf Hunter and Worgen Hunter a few more times, Aim and I finally decided that enough was enough. So we logged back onto Luxxor and Raxion and continued on our merry way.

I lost count of how many kills we got, but Aim and I both agree that the final tally looked something like this:

Aim and Geo 8 – 1 Gurubashi Dumbasses

It may be wrong, but we still killed them more than they killed us.

And we wouldn’t have it any other way.