Farewell, Dear Friends

It is with a heavy heart that, once my current World of Warcraft subscription runs out, I will quit playing altogether.

The reasons for this decision are as follows:

  1. I hardly play it as it is.
  2. It’s too expensive now.
  3. The rampant elitism has killed what little enjoyment I had left.

Number three is the main reason why I am quitting — I can’t get into any raids because of my bad gear, and I can’t get gear because people keep harassing me over my ability to tank and/or heal. It’s a vicious cycle, and I no longer see the point in paying £9.99 a month to play a game I don’t get to play properly.

I’ve got a couple of weeks left on the subscription, so I am using it to sell off all the remaining stock in my bank guild on the off-chance that I do decide to come back.

However, I don’t see myself posting any new stories until then — so this is the very last post that Idiots of Warcraft will ever see.

Thank you for reading, and I wish all of you the very best for the future.

For the Horde/Alliance! (Delete as appropriate.)

Elitism Comes In Different Flavours

At some point or another during your time in Azeroth and beyond, you will no doubt have come across an elitist — someone who thinks they are far superior to you for whatever reason. During my time playing, I have come across many such people — hell, it’s one of the reasons I started this blog. What follows is a small description of each of the different kinds of elitist I have been unfortunate to meet.


This person thinks they are better than you simply because they have a set of the best PvP gear, with all the proper gems and enchants. They will often spend their time outside of Stormwind or Orgrimmar, challenging anyone who gets close to them, and they will harass anyone with the gall to turn them down.

The thing I hate the most about these people is their stubborn nature — they will simply refuse to leave you alone if you tell them that you don’t want a duel. More than once, they’ve gone on to insult my gear, me as an individual, my family, and so forth.

The easiest way to deal with these morons? Ignore, plain and simple.


Just because you’ve done this instance a million times, that doesn’t give you the right to act like you’re a gaming god. Some people in the group may be experiencing the instance for the first time, so constantly snapping at them to ‘hurry the fuck up’ isn’t exactly making them feel welcome.

People play at their own pace, so let them. If you don’t like it, go and find another group.


These people will insult you for not having decent gear — often conveniently forgetting that they were in the same positon themselves at one point.

I don’t think I need to say much more than this.

This is all I can think of at the moment, but chances are I will create a new post as and when I come across any new types of elitist.

Having A Gurubashing Time


No screenshots for this one — but as I’ve stated ad nauseum, we don’t make this shit up.

I was on Luxxor – my Tauren Warrior – questing alongside Raxion, Aim’s Pandaren Monk. We were making our way to Tanaris — but because we couldn’t get a portal to Dalaran (which would allow us to use the Caverns of Time portal), we had to go the long way: Grom’gol > Booty Bay > Ratchet > Long walk south.

On the way to Booty Bay, we stopped off at the Gurubashi Arena. Since nobody else was around, we completed these and then two.

Shortly after completing both quests, a level 39 Pandaren Monk arrived. He was Alliance, but that didn’t stop him from starting to spam Aim and I with /laugh, /taunt and /chicken emotes. When I used /laugh back at him, he started to spam /wait on me, and then logged out.

Aim and I figured that he was going to get a high level character, and that he also figured we’d be stupid enough to enter the arena to wait for him. But after five minutes, it became evident that he wasn’t going to turn up. So, we prepared to leave.

Just then, a Level 82 Blood Elf Hunter and a Worgen Hunter arrived. The Worgen turned out to be the Monk, and started spamming us with emotes. He was skulled, but I inspected him and discovered from his heirlooms that he was Level 62.

This is when things got a bit crazy. More people turned up, a Level 90 Gnome Monk (I could tell from her HP), a Level 90 Troll Druid, and a few more Alliance. All of them went into the arena… and just stood around doing nothing. The Druid tried to get me to join them, claiming I wouldn’t be harmed, but I wasn’t falling for the obvious trap.

The Level 39 Monk from earlier came back and once again started spamming emotes. When he too entered the arena I took a chance and went for him — only to be killed by the Druid (hence why this is filed under ‘Hypocrisy’).

The Worgen Hunter came back as well and tried to get me to duel him. Aim and I both decided that enough was enough — so he got Roguerage – his Undead Rogue – and I went to grab Luxxoria, my Gnome Mage.

I arrived at the Arena just in time to see the Pandaren Monk leaving, so I promptly one-shotted the crap out of him, then the Level 82 Hunter, and then a nearby Worgen Druid (who started raging at me for killing him and the others).

Satisfied that I had made my point, I logged back onto Luxxor — only to get even more spam thrown at me. So, I went and got Navitas (my Night Elf Druid).

I went to the Arena and made mincemeat of the Monk and Hunter again. When the Troll Druid and Gnome Monk tried to fight back, Aim and I teamed up – despite the fact he was still on Roguerage – and beat the shit out of both of them. We killed the Monk, but sadly the Druid survived long enough to escape the Arena and allow his FFA flag to vanish.

After killing the Pandaren Monk, Blood Elf Hunter and Worgen Hunter a few more times, Aim and I finally decided that enough was enough. So we logged back onto Luxxor and Raxion and continued on our merry way.

I lost count of how many kills we got, but Aim and I both agree that the final tally looked something like this:

Aim and Geo 8 – 1 Gurubashi Dumbasses

It may be wrong, but we still killed them more than they killed us.

And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

WTS Glasses, Because You Obviously Need A Pair

I told you I would try and update more often, and this one has happened within the last hour prior to me posting this entry.

Anyway: I’ve got a Tauren Warrior named Luxxor, and we had just killed Immol’thar. Said boss was kind enough to drop Vigilance Charm — since it has +19 Dodge on it, I promptly performed a Need Roll on it.

So imagine my surprise when one of the other group members – a Rogue named Bonerattle – also rolls Need… and wins the item.

I make my displeasure very clear:


He’s claiming I didn’t roll Need, so I tell him to open the Loot Rolls window.


He claims that his ‘mod’ told him I didn’t roll on the item at all. Whatever addon that is, it’s clearly a pile of shit that can’t tell a Need roll from a non-roll. And when I said I enjoyed killing him, I was referring to when he was mind controlled during the Magister Kalendris encounter — whereupon I promptly one-shotted him with Shield Slam.

In fact, thinking about it, maybe he’s just mad at me for that. Perhaps stealing this item was just his way of getting back at me?


Again, he is still insisting I didn’t roll. As for the Mage, nobody rattled his cage — and he’s clearly missed a lot if he thinks we BOTH suck.


He left the group after this and I began telling Aim (the other IoW author who doesn’t post as much as I do) about what had happened. Unfortunately, I forgot to change back to Guild Chat beforehand. *chuckles sheepishly*

For the record, I also got a screenshot of the Loot Rolls window:


If this doesn’t prove without a shadow of a doubt that I did indeed roll on the item, then I’ll delete my account and stop playing forever.

And now, Bonerattle, I have a message for you — provided you even paid attention when I sent you the link to this story.

Don’t fuck with me again.

A Loser And A Hypocrite

*blows dust off*

Hello? Is anyone there? I have a story to share!

Oh, there you are. Right then — better get settled, because this is a big one.

I was on another one of my alts, an Orc Shaman named Cthep, when I decided to head outside of Orgrimmar to watch a few duels.


It’s not long before I see this. Now then, it would appear that this guy doesn’t appreciate losing a duel — after all, he is resorting to calling people ‘retards.’


Well obviously they are good, because they won the duel.


Oh yes. You are better than us because you know how to rage about losing. I decide I’ve seen enough, and put my two pence into the hat.


He did indeed lose a few more duels before he started raging. If memory serves me correctly, he lost three duels — two to the same person.


He’s getting his main. This ought to be good.


During the brief lull in character swapping, a few people reflect on events which have transpired thus far.


He is now on a Level 90 hunter, and challenges the person who defeated him. They refuse, citing the fact they are PvE geared and he is PvP geared.


He only called you a noob because you were crying about losing.


I’m right, though — any PvP geared player who challenges a PvE geared player to a duel is just pathetic. It happens to me all the time (but thank fuck for DuelResponse).


He’s finally realised that I’m talking about him, and now he has turned his attention towards me — starting with his favourite insult.


As I’ve said before, you are a noob. And I’m entitled to my opinion as much as you are entitled to not care about it.


Am I right, or am I right?


First of all, I don’t have an ‘attitude.’ Secondly, even if I did… how does that make me a ‘retard?’ (Fuck, I hate that word so much.)


Now he’s trying to save face by bragging about how ‘great’ he is.


At this point he decides to leave. He may think he’s won, but I know he’s only leaving because I’m not buying the bullshit he’s trying to sell me.


A while later, and I’m still outside Orgrimmar watching people duel. It’s not long before Braom/Vdarkhunter notices me.


Now he’s accusing me of flaming him. I don’t recall doing that, so perhaps I should file this under ‘False Accusations’ as well.


Technically you didn’t ‘duel a pve,’ because they turned you down. But I digress: he still doesn’t understand why I think he’s a noob.


Again with ‘retard.’ Seriously, man, that’s not cool.


He’s getting desperate, I can sense it.


‘Found it on translate?’ What the fuck is this guy on about?


At this point, I decided to put him on ignore before shit got too personal.

And that, dear readers, is the end of that. I’m sorry this took so long – this actually happened in June, for fuck sake – but I just got preoccupied with other things.

Now that my realm (Shadowsong) has been merged with another one (Aszune), I hope to update more frequently from now on. I’d promise to update more frequently but… yeah, I think we all know how that would turn out. :P

Until next time, everyone, stay cool.

And remember, we accept submissions here at Idiots of Warcraft — so if you’ve got a story you’d like to share, then please get in touch.