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1 Barney's Dream Because something has to be keeping him sane.
2 Repo'd Pay your premiums, or else!
3 Kleiner's Delivery Parcel delivery is slow in every universe.
4 Ration Cards I fold... wait, wrong cards.
5 The Morning After Stop thinking that.
6 The Disguise Pity I couldn't disguise the joke to be better.
7 Public Service Announcement Sound advice from your local oppressors.
8 Boom The new DOD:Source patch looks sweet.
9 Noughts and Zombies 'Nought' is how much effort I put into this joke.
10 A Test of Trust Even oppressors need to trust each other.
11 Attention Whore Wheeeeeeeeee!
12 Warfare Woes Well, it's not exactly a barrel of laughs, is it?
13 The Doctor Is Wasted I fuggen lovesh you, man.
14 Moron Alert! What is this, I can't even...
15 Chickenshit? LET ME SEE YOUR WAR FACE!
16 Nice Area Yeah, a nice area for CARNAGE.
17 The Medkit Such is life... or the lack thereof.
18 Binned Remember, kids, throwing things in the bin is cool!
19 The Right Idea Solving problems one bullet at a time.
20 Dust Plz! All maps suck except this one!
21 Counter-Strike Personalities #1 The Rusher
22 Counter-Strike Personalities #2 AWP User
23 Too Much Information #1 Keep it to yourself.
24 Counter-Strike Personalities #3 The Hacker
25 Freeman the Artist Because there's not much else for him now.
26 Counter-Strike Personalities #4 The 'Knife Fighter'
27 Tactical Talk Tactics? In CS:Source? LOL.
28 Tyrant Versus Tyrant A serious debate.
29 Wrong Rebel Stop right there, criminal sc— wait, wrong franchise.
30 Zombet The title is the only funny thing about this.
31 Experiments Gone Tits Up Again Silly Doctor Kleiner!
32 Episode Three Aftermath If it ever gets made, that is.
33 Chickenshit? Guess Not! The first comic sequel ever made!
34 Nailed It's not what you think.
35 Death Queue Combine-ran raffles suck.
36 A Tribute To 'Concerned' Frohman not included.
37 Too Much GMod "There's danger? Uh, give me a moment."
38 Another Day At Microsoft HQ Despite this, I've still never used an Apple product.
39 Spot the Irony Note: Not made of iron.
40 Kleiner's Crotch Shot Note: Not made of iron.
41 Counter-Strike Personalities #5 The Team Killer
42 Legless It's not pleasant, I assure you.
43 Halloween 2007 Trick or treat, Mr. Freeman.
44 Target Practice A little to the left next time.
45 Halloween 2007 - Part Two Boo!
46 Too Much Information #2 Seriously, keep it to yourself.
47 Breen's Demise What did happen to him, anyway?
48 Kleiner's Dream And mine too, if I'm honest.
49 Civil Protection Recruiting Poster Join today and hit stuff with an electric stick!
50 The Big Five... Eh? Fifty comics? Yay!
51 Combine Elite Guy - Part One "Our saviour is here!" - The Combine
52 Combine Elite Guy - Part Two "Our saviour sucks!" - The Combine
53 Painting The Town Red It's funny because it's a pun.
54 Combine Elite Recruitment Poster Join today and shoot stuff!
55 Pity The Pyro Mmph mmph mmm!
56 Car For Sale Vroom vroom.
57 You're Doing It Wrong Where's the bang?
58 Hostage Wins Huzzah for crossovers!
59 The Eyes Have It This much power should not be wielded by anyone.
60 (Un)Holy Matrimony The sacrifice starts at three.
61 A Likely Story Tut tut.
62 Friendly Fire Lecture I'm on your side... apparently.
63 Return of the Pervert Hoo boy.
64 Boxed In A crate joke awaits!
65 Stupid Things You Can Say #1 You dumb motherf—
66 Stupid Things You Can Say #2 Of all the dumb things...
67 Game In Progress WE AM TEH WINRARS!
68 Stupid Things You Can Say #3 I'ma slap you if you keep this up.
69 Shit Happens Yes, I see it... stop laughing!
70 Halloween 2008 Here we go again...
71 Follow Freeman He's dressed weirdly, but it's him!
72 Barney's Plan Barney is not a smart guy.
73 Christmas 2008 Ho-ho-ho, bitch.
74 In Yo' Face! Alternative Title: BOOM HEADSHOT!
75 New Year 2009 New Year, same random shit.
76 Holy Bloody Shit! Speaking of which...
77 A Tribute To The Noob no, ur a noob, lol
78 Epic Swappage It could happen!
79 Barney's Demise Say it ain't so!
80 Valentine's Day 2009 More like 'Very Dull Day,' amirite?
81 An Explanation Because one was needed at the time.
82 Guardian Angel Your experience may differ.
83 Comic About A Comic Does this count as breaking the fourth wall?
84 Tactical Assault CHAAAAAAARGE!
85 Good Advice? Disclaimer: Advice is not to be followed.
86 The Red Army Come forth, comrades!
87 Flashback Not to be taken seriously.
88 Customer Service I'd do the same, if I could get away with it.
89 Club xD Lame joke in 3... 2... 1...
90 Run For Your Sanity I've got nothing.
91 News Just In Nobody cares.
92 When Animals... Answer? It's when they don't that problems arise.
93 Planning For Failure Me IRL.
94 Ammunition Test The Combine like to think things through first.
95 Salt and Pepper Push it, by which I mean the link.
96 Dinstinct Yum.
97 An Apology I'm sorry for pun-ishing you.
98 GOD Help Me Maybe Buddha would have helped more.
99 Counter-Strike Personalities #6 The Admin
100 (VIDEO) Camping Is(n't) A Legitimate Strategy Here's to a hundred more!
101 Headcrab Lost Was crabbed, now I'm zombieeeeeee...
102  Combine's Remorse Yeah, yeah, pull the other one.
103  Combine-Human Relations It's a vicious cycle.
104 dr00dhunt IT'S COMIN' RIGHT FOR US!
105 I Never Posed This! Seriously, I didn't.
106 Doctor Breen's Son "Stop killing everyone, daddy."
107  Sit Back And Relax Frankie isn't here, so do it.
108 Overmatopoeia *SOUND EFFECTS*
109  Meet And Greet I'm bored too.
110  Hostage Wins (Again) Guest comic by Darkwind.
111  Alien Advisors Assess All Administrative Applicants Guest comic by Fioriboy.
112  Songs To Speak Your Mind My mind is a very strange place.
113  Oh For Fu— You're not imagining it; I did cut off a swear.
114 Monitor Justice NO HAX ALLOWED.
115  Happy Second Birthday! Celebrate mediocre times, come on!
116  kekekeroflzomgwtf There's nothing funny about this.
117  Epic Win Is Fail Based on a true story.
118  Exodus of the Peons #1 Work, work.
119  Exodus of the Peons #2 Something need doing?
120  Exodus of the Peons #3 Work complete!
121 Misunderstood It happens a lot.
122 Halloween 2009 Ugh, again?
123  Thanks For Waiting! I <3 you all.
124 Alignments of CGMC They're a bit off.
125  Dude, Where's My DPS? Probably getting high or... wait, wrong movie (I think).
126  Christmas Special 2009 Goodwill to all men Combine.
128 NSFW Guest Comic Here be the nudity I mentioned at the top of the page.
129  Counter-Strike Personalities #7 The Newbie
130 Guest Comic for World of Warcraft, Eh? Someone's a bit lost...
131 CSI: Bigcity Throwing on shade, not throwing shade.
132 RIP Robert Culp Farewell, Doctor.
133 CSI: Assault The map, not the crime.
134  Barn Hitting 101 Combine forces need urgent training ideas.
135 CSI: Elwynn Can't you tell that I'm a big fan of these jokes?
136  Turnin' Up The Heat Lewd.
137  Turkey or Chicken? Gobble gobble BAWK!
138  Lights, Camera... What Action? Oh, dear.
139 Spycrab Zombies Guest comic by A.R.
140 New Toys They always get the fun stuff.
141 RED And BLU Watch TV Two channels and fuck all on.
142  Scam Spotting 101 Don't be a sucker!
143 Chris The Warrior I'd rather be a Druid.
144  Midscunner I am so (well) done.
145  Not Quite An Opera Cover your ears!
146 Shi- H-pp-ns Rude.
147 Walk This Way Or walk your way, whatever's good for you.
148 Sal and Lars Prologue A proper storyline? You'd better believe it!
149 Sal and Lars Part One A Lucky Meeting
150 Sal and Lars Part Two New Beginnings
151 Sal And Lars Part Three Jack Is Back
152 Sal And Lars Part Four He's One Of Us
153 Sal And Lars Part Five In And Out Of The Fray
154 Life With Horatio Last one, I promise.
155 Sal And Lars Part Six Deep Infection
156 Sal And Lars Part Seven A Shot Of Truth
157 Sal And Lars Part Eight Revelation
158 Some NSFW Filler Please Note: NSFW is not guaranteed.
159 Sal and Lars Part Nine The Road To Vengeance
160 Sal and Lars Part Ten Call of the Cuckoo
161 Sal and Lars Part Eleven A Falling Out
162 Sal and Lars Part Twelve An End And A Beginning
163 Sal and Lars Part Thirteen Between A Rock
164 A Crappy Crossover Exactly what it says on the proverbial tin.
165 For Rob And Ashley This one is surplus to requirements.
166 Sal And Lars Part Fourteen An End To All Things
167 The Fate of SFC Business in Azeroth is a brutal thing.
168 Sal And Lars Epilogue The End
169 Jack's Story Part One Same storyline, different guy.
170 Jack's Story Part Two Jack meets up his friends.
171 Valentine's Day 2011 Showing love, the CGMC way.
172 Cold Filler Is that for sandwiches or something?
173 Jack's Story Part Three Jack, Simon and Mark blow off some steam.
174 Troll Fillersics Infinite jokes.
175 I Never Meant It Like That! Or maybe he did.
176 Jack's Story Part Four Jack finds himself facing a situation out of his worst nightmares.
177 A Message From Rift To WoW No comment.
178 Heroes of the Alliance Based on my own experiences.
179 The End Not for long, though.
180 The Return Yay.
181 Badly Drawn Episode One The 'bad' part is correct.
182 Badly Drawn Episode Two Yep, still correct.
183 Jack's Story Part Four and a Half Charlie Sheen wasn't interested.
184 Jack's Story Part Five Jack meets the last two people he expected to.
185 Jack's Story Part Six Jack takes action.
186 Jack's Story Part Seven Jack meets with an old friend.
187 Jack's Story Part Eight Jack gets a new purpose.
188 Jack's Story Part Nine Jack finds some acquaintances.
189 Jack's Story Part Ten Down but not out, Jack sets off on a new mission.
190  Jack's Story Part Eleven Revelations abound as Jack arrives at his destination.
191 Valentine's Day 2012 *groan*
192 Jack's Story Part Twelve Jack's story comes to its tragic end.
193 Simon's Story Part One Prologue: Barney convinces Alyx to tell the tale of Simon.
194 Stupid Program! Error 404, short description not found.
195 Simon's Story Part Two Simon finds himself at a loss.
196 CSI:Orgrimmar Even the Horde need their expert investigators.
197  How It Happened To Me Two is not enough.
198  A Brother's Response He wasn't impressed.
199  A Different Point Of View Sometimes, you need another perspective... or three.
200   Back In Action Hiatus? What hiatus?
201  Fluttershy's New Pet She's so good with animals.
202  Just For Fun Somepony needs to give Luna a dictionary.
203 International Kissing Day 2017 Mwah!
204 The Five Stages of the new Doctor Who Reaction RRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEE—
205 Every. Freaking. Time. Twenty years too late.
206  A Lapse In Judgement Never forget who you're speaking to.
207 Praise Him! No, not that guy.
208  I'm Famous! Luna is not happy about her sister going viral.
209 R.T.F.M. Read The Fucking Manual.
210 Trump's New Immigration Control Policy Fuck this guy.
211 Tumblr Policy In A Nutshell No explanation required.
212 Wrong Wavelength You need to talk more.
213 Me IRL Yep.
214 100 Bonus Points If You Get It If you work in retail, you will get it.
215 Expos(ur)e Don't mess with artists.
216 Evil Deeds Terrorists will do anything these days.
217 Irritating Things That Customers Do #1 The 'counterfeit note' joke is just... no.
218 Pram Pusher Logic I can't be the only one who thinks this, can I?
219 Irritating Things That Customers Do #2 You want a lower price, and I want you to piss off; we can't always get what we want, you know.
220 Mother Knows Best Eat your fruit.
221 Why Do They Do This To Us? The faces, man, the faces!
222 Better Than Air Conditioning But is it better than sex?
223  A Reference I Just HAD To Make You big feckin' eejit!
224 Irritating Things That Customers Do #3 People want discounts for the damndest things.
226 RimWorld Diplomacy 101 Based on a true story.
227 Irritating Things That Customers Do #3 Some information is on a Need To Know basis.
228 Take The Money And Run YAY, BANDWAGON!
229 Keeping An Eye Open Who knew that spam emails could lead to a comic idea?