[New Story] A Liar And A Hypocrite

When I learned that somepony whom I once saw as a friend had been talking about me behind my back, despite me thinking that the two of us were still on good terms, I set out to find some answers.

The only thing is… will I get them?

Click here to read this story on Fimfiction. A PDF can be downloaded from here.

[PDF Release] A Collection Of Geodesic One-Shots

This is just a collection of silly little one-shots I wrote which are too short to make into a proper story. They vary in terms of characters, writing style and genre. So it could be a second person comedy, or a sad first person you read. I will also post abandoned stories here.

Warning: Contains 100% Randomness and 0% Sense.

Volume Two of my one-shot collection has been released, and can be downloaded from here.