[To Friend Is Human] PDF Updated

I have made some changes to To Friend Is Human in order to address the many comments I get complaining about the fact my protagonist is named after me. As a result, the PDF has been updated. You might want to download the new copy, but then again you might not. Either way, it’s still there.

[New Story] How To Deal With Manticores (Not Available On Fimfiction!)

After seeing one too many humans injured in manticore attacks, the Equestrian Tourist Board has published a handy guide in an attempt to keep visitors safe.

As a travel agent, it is Lyra Heartstring’s job to offer this guide to potential travellers. Her latest customer happens to be you, but how will you react after reading the guide?

This story is not available on Fimfiction due to their ‘no guides’ policy. It is available on either Google Docs or DeviantArt, and the PDF can be downloaded here.