New Friends, New Enemies

TAGS: Tragedy, Sad, Random, Crossover, Adventure


DESCRIPTION: Equestria may be at peace once again, but back in Azeroth, the disappearance of King Varian’s son Anduin has forced him to enlist the aid of Zorann and Luxxoria once more.

The two former Horde soon find themselves journeying through a new land with two of their Alliance counterparts, as the four of them attempt to find Anduin and bring him home.

But the discovery of this new world has ignited a new war between the Alliance and the Horde. As their armies clash, an ancient evil soon manifests. When it spreads to Equestria, it falls to Zorann and Luxxoria to put it to rest.

But to do so means making the ultimate sacrifice…



BACKGROUND: And here we have it, the final part of my Warcraft in Equestria trilogy.

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The decision to kill off Zorann and Luxxoria was not taken lightly. I like the characters, but to be honest, I was keen to prevent people asking for yet another sequel.

… I know, I’m a bastard.


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