Harmony In Azeroth

TAGS: Random, Crossover, Adventure


DESCRIPTION: After the sudden Horde attack on Ponyville, Twilight Sparkle visits the injured Princess Celestia in hospital where she, and the other Bearers of the Elements of Harmony, are given a mission.

To travel to the world the Horde came from and learn all about the way they use magic, so that better defenses against it can be developed.

Arriving at their destination, the six friends find themselves caught in a twisted web of deceit and betrayal. And soon, the drums of war are sounding ominously close to home…



BACKGROUND: Quite a few people demanded a sequel to Horde in Equestria, and I was all to happy to provide.

Mind you, the idea of his Druid working with the Mane Six, rather than killing them, didn’t appeal too much to my brother.

Then again, he’s not a brony — so I can see what he’s getting at.

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