The Safe Word Is…

TAGS: Romance, Comedy, Human

RATING: Teen (suggestive themes)

DESCRIPTION: Prince Geo has been dispatched to the Gryphon lands on royal business while his wife, Princess Twilight Sparkle, has been left behind in Canterlot. Also going with the Prince are Spike, who will be the couple’s primary source of communication and Geo’s friend John, who is only going along for a change of scenery.

While Geo is attending to his duty, a letter from Twilight arrives — which explains in clear detail what she is going to expect from her husband when he gets home. Spike and John, seizing the chance to have some fun, decide to write a letter back to the desperate mare… which results in all three males getting a surprise.



BACKGROUND: The idea for this story was given to me by Mikazuchi on Skype. I liked it so much, I decided to write it.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t very well received — with one reader going so far as to say it was a rape story. To quash these feelings of hate, I decided to add a second chapter to the story — which so far hasn’t had the effect I desired.

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