Pinkie Pie Gets A Credit Card

TAGS: Comedy, Slice of Life

RATING: Everyone

DESCRIPTION: When Pinkie Pie gets a credit card, she wants nothing more than to use it to buy lavish gifts for her friends.

So, that’s exactly what she does.

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LIVE READINGS: munngojerrie

DOWNLOAD: Original (PDF – 71KB) | Rewrite One (PDF – 57KB) | Rewrite Two (PDF – 56KB)

BACKGROUND: This is one of my more popular one-shots, which came about when people complained about me not giving Pinkie Pie enough dialogue in my stories. After searching my brain for ideas, I remembered what I was like when I got my credit card, and I just went from there.

At first, the story ended with the bakery being repossessed. But people didn’t like that, so I rewrote it to the ending you see now. In fact, there are three versions of this story, I’ve made that many changes!

I have also submitted it to Equestria Daily three times. They also rejected it three times, meaning I can no longer send it to them for consideration.

… oh well. It’s hardly a major loss.

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