Who Are These People?!

TAGS: Romance, Comedy, Human

RATING: Teen (mild swearing, sexual references and violence)

DESCRIPTION: When the mail arrives at Canterlot, it’s usually a boring affair. Whether is is proposals for new laws, requests for help with issues of a personal or financial nature, or even some good old-fashioned bitching, Twilight and Geo thought they had seen it all.

It turns out they haven’t, as this latest batch of letters is anything but boring.

But, as it turns out, even something as simple as reading the mail can have unforseen consequences…

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BACKGROUND: This was intended to be the 50th story I published on Fimfiction so, to celebrate, I decided to make it a giant fourth-wall breaker. I asked my followers and readers to send in two letters – one from them and the other from their OC – and then I wrote a story based around the letters I received. Needless to say, I got a good response and I was very pleased with the result!

Unfortunately, the story was rejected from Fimfiction for being ‘meta’. Fimfiction defines a meta story as ‘any story that is about the site or its users’. And given that this story featured a few of those users… well, you can work the rest out yourselves. However, after making a few changes, the story was finally accepted.

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