Of Horses And Whorses

TAGS: 2nd Person, Comedy, Human, Romance

RATING: Teen (mild suggestive themes)

DESCRIPTION: It is a fact that horses have served mankind for thousands of years, in times of war and in times of peace. Your horse – a chestnut mare named Zayna – helps you to earn your primary source of income, in the form of a riding school.

But then, a freak occurrence dumps you both in a strange new land populated by talking ponies. At first, they are a bit hostile due to a misunderstanding — but that’s nothing when you realise it’s not just ponies who can talk here.

As it turns out, horses can as well.


OTHER LINKS: This Story’s Post on Equestria Daily

BACKGROUND: This is just a silly idea I came up with while on the bus to work one day. It received generous praise on Fimfiction and was in the Featured Box for just over a whole day, peaking at second place. It is also the first story of mine to be featured on Equestria Daily, which was one hell of a shock!

Cover Art by Enderstorm from Fimfiction.

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