Prisoner of Love

TAGS: Romance, Random, Slice of Life, Human

RATING: Teen (lots of swearing and mild sexual references)

DESCRIPTION: Geo was facing a jail term for killing a man in self-defence. So the last thing he expected was for Princess Celestia to save him from the slammer. All she wants in return is for him to share a conversation with her and her sister.

It is this conversation that makes Geo, and the Princesses, realise that love is there for everypony to enjoy – regardless of who they are.

Meanwhile, it would appear that love is springing up all over Ponyville…



BACKGROUND: Not content with seeing JohnxApplejack, GeoxTwilight and AcexPinkie, I set out to ship the rest of the Mane Six with someone. This was the result of that endeavour.

Features my OC, Doctor Haywick, and Spark Plug, an OC belonging to Lord Sabre, who won the contest I ran to name Twilight and Geo’s kids. His reward was having his OC shipped with somepony.

I even shipped both Princesses with an OC each. This story is really sappy as a result. Someone even went so far as to call it ‘diabeetus-inducing.’

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