A Collection Of Geodesic One-Shots

TAGS: Random, Crossover, Human

RATING: Teen (mild language and mild violence)

DESCRIPTION: This is just a collection of silly little one-shots I wrote which are too short to make into a proper story. They vary in terms of characters, writing style and genre. So it could be a second person comedy, or a sad first person you read. I will also post abandoned stories here.

Warning: Contains 100% Randomness and 0% Sense.


DOWNLOAD: Volume One (PDF – 123KB) | Volume Two (PDF – 117KB)

BACKGROUND: These are just some silly one-shots I wrote. Each of them is less than a thousand words long, and they vary widely in terms of subject and style.


  1. Vetnern Made Me Write This (Second Person, Comedy)
  2. Blueblooded Logic (Second Person, Comedy)
  3. Parting Words (Second Person, Human, Comedy)
  4. My Final Insert (Sad, Geoverse Related)
  5. Wonderful Things (Second Person, OC, Romance)
  6. Revelation (Geoverse Related, Non-Canon)
  7. What’s In A Name? (Second Person, Overused Meme, Comedy)
  8. By My Side Again (Filly Twilight, Comedy)
  9. The Fresh Princes(ses) Of Equestria (Geoverse Related, Comedy)
  10. A Slight Misunderstanding (Warcraft in Equestria, Comedy)
  11. How It Should Have Ended (Comedy)
  12. Sombra’s Revenge (Second Person, Overused Meme, Human, Comedy, Bad Language, Violence)
  13. A Spill Too Far (Second Person, Comedy)
  14. You Can’t Have Pleasure Without Pain (Geoverse Related, Comedy)
  15. What I Think Of You (Second Person, Geoverse Related, Comedy, Non-Canon)


  1. Sweet Dreams Can Come True (Second Person, Comedy, Human, OC, Abandoned)
  2. Celebration (Second Person, OC)
  3. One Year On (Second Person, Romance, OC)
  4. The Truth Will Out (Romance, Comedy, First Person, Bad Language, Geoverse Related, Non-Canon)
  5. I Am So Dead For This (Second Person, OC, Comedy, Suggestive Themes)
  6. Burning Question (Second Person, Suggestive Themes, OC, Bad Language)
  7. Dick Rolled (First Person, Geoverse Related, Non-Canon, Dark)
  8. How It Should Have Ended – Redux (First Person, Comedy, Geoverse Related, Non-Canon, Bad Language)
  9. Right Place, Wrong Time (Second Person, Comedy)
  10. Pun-ishment (Second Person, Comedy, Human)
  11. Hindsight (Second Person, Comedy, Human, Bad Language)
  12. And Then There Were Two (First Person, Abandoned, Slice of Life)
  13. Pizza Time (Bad Language, OC, Suggestive Themes, Violence)
  14. Pizza Time – Scottish Version (Bad Language, OC, Suggestive Themes, Violence)
  15. Let In The Sun (First Person, Comedy, Human, Abandoned)

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