Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions I get about me and my work.

Who is your favourite pony?

Twilight Sparkle.

Why did you use a shortened version of your username as the name of your main character in your Geoverse series?

Because I wanted to be somewhat original. Pretty much every HiE I read has characters called Rick, Dave, Owen and so on*. I chose Geo because it stands out, and also because of the fact that ‘Geoverse’ sounds a hell of a lot better than ‘Chrisverse’.

How did you become a brony?

Two of my friends watched the show; I took the mickey out of them, so they told me watch it before I mocked them.

I did, and the rest is history.

What inspired you to become a writer?

As much as it may surprise you, it was the /mlp/ board over on 4chan. I was lurking there one day when I came across the Anonymous in Equestria (AiE) thread. I read a few stories and liked what I saw, so I decided to have a go. And lo, To Friend Is Human was born. That’s right, it started out as a second person AiE; then I discovered Fimfiction and decided to turn it into a proper first person self insert.

How did you come up with your username?

Many moons ago, I was signing up for a Hotmail account. At the time, MSN was still using profiles. And of course, that meant I needed a nickname. The one I wanted (which I can’t remember) was taken, and ‘GeodesicDragon’ was a suggested alternative. So I took it; I’ve been using it ever since.

Any advice for new writers?

  • Put yourself in the shoes of your readers; ask the same questions they might ask, and this might help you identify problems.
  • Find someone willing to edit for you if need be; there are plenty of groups on Fimfiction which can help. Just bear in mind that the people offering their editing services have lives and other commitments outside of the site, and therefore could take a while to do their job!
  • Reply to constructive criticism, and ignore flat-out insulting. A constructive comment would say something like ‘I found it hard to read this story because <REASON>,’ while an unconstructive comment would say something like ‘Get off this site and kill yourself, because you suck at writing.’ Do not get angry with people who are genuinely trying to help you, and pay no heed to the sad little trolls who are trying to get under your skin.
  • Pace yourself; take breaks from writing if it starts getting to you.

More questions will be added whenever I see one which I get a lot. Keep an eye on my Fimfiction blog for my occasional Q&A sessions!

* These three names link to my three favourite HiE stories. Check them out!

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