How To Deal With Manticores

TAGS: Comedy, Slice of Life, Human

RATING: Teen (minor injury detail)

DESCRIPTION: After seeing one too many humans injured in manticore attacks, the Equestrian Tourist Board has published a handy guide in an attempt to keep visitors safe.

As a travel agent, it is Lyra Heartstring’s job to offer this guide to potential travellers. Her latest customer happens to be you, but how will you react after reading the guide?

READ ONLINE: Google Docs


BACKGROUND: This is the first story I’ve written that was rejected from Fimfiction. As a result, I have uploaded it elsewhere so that people can still read it. The reason it was rejected from Fimfiction is because they have a ‘no guides’ policy.

One moderator told me that if I added a story around the guide, then the story would be accepted. So I did this and re-submitted, only for a different moderator to fail it instead. I pleaded my case and they said to go ahead (stating that they’d blame the first mod if the others complained).

Since I didn’t want to cause strife between the moderators, I uploaded it to Google Docs instead.

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