To Love Is Human

TAGS: Romance, Random, Human

RATING: Teen (lots of swearing and mild sexual references)

DESCRIPTION: After being shot and ending up in Equestria, Geo soon discovered that although having friends was great, falling in love with Twilight Sparkle was even better. However, fate conspired against him, and he ended up back in his own world. He thought that it was all a dream – until he received something in the mail which made him see otherwise.

With a renewed sense of determination, as well as the help of his best friend and a rather eccentric scientist, Geo begins planning his return to Equestria to be with the mare he loves again.

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BACKGROUND: People demanded a sequel to To Friend Is Human, so I gave them this.

This story was written with the help of Crimson Star, who wrote quite a lot of the dialogue between my characters and Doctor Sorou (his character). He even went and wrote a story of his own, which is set after this one ends.

I feel that I put a lot more effort into this story. There are fewer chapters, and I aimed for at least 1,000+ words per chapter. Once again, I got positive feedback for my work… and once again, people demanded a sequel. 😀

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