Twilight Sparkle Waits For A Train

TAGS: Comedy, Slice of Life

RATING: Everyone

DESCRIPTION: Princess Twilight Sparkle is expecting her friends to arrive in Canterlot. But when the train doesn’t arrive on time she, naturally, starts to fear the worst.

Although Spike tries to reassure her all is well, the nervous Princess can’t help but think of a few reasons which could be to blame for the sudden and inexplicable delay.

When the train finally does arrive she learns the real reason for the delay, and comes to appreciate her friendships even more than she already does.



BACKGROUND: This was written to celebrate me gaining my 300th follower on Fimfiction. It was in the featured box for nearly three whole days, peaking at second place.

Cover Art by SonicRainboomGirl on Fimfiction.

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