A Way Out

TAGS: Sad, Random, Crossover, Alternate Universe

RATING: Everyone

DESCRIPTION: Scootaloo is a changeling separated from the Hive. She’s always been one, and nopony suspected a thing. After a hard day of Crusading she goes for her secret cider stash, but has a few too many and is promptly discovered.

Brought before Princess Twilight Sparkle the changeling tells her story, and shares her fears that Chrysalis may send her minions to drag her back. Twilight offers Scootaloo a chance to start a new life. But she has to sacrifice her old one first, which means saying goodbye to two of her closest friends…



BACKGROUND: For a whole week, it seemed that all of the stories in the featured box on Fimfiction made use of either Changelings, cider, Princess Twilight, Scootaloo and Pokémon. So I decided to write a story which used all of them at once.

Suffice to say, this didn’t get featured. Typical.

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