Top Of The Charts

TAGS: Romance, Sad, Random, Human

RATING: Teen (bad language, sexual themes and violence)

DESCRIPTION: After ending up in Equestria, DJ Anonymous finds himself becoming friends with his Equestrian counterpart, the one and only Vinyl Scratch. After demonstrating human music, Anon is signed up to a label by the producer Tech Beat. He soon finds fame and fortune, and Vinyl is always by his side.

But when an incident at a gig leads to Vinyl making a startling revelation, Anon starts to struggle with his own feelings. And it’ll take a little bit of divine intervention, as well as a ton of other advice, to make him realise what he really wants. It’s just a shame Fate has other plans for him.



BACKGROUND: To Friend Is Human started life as an AiE story, but was soon converted to prose. However, I soon found that there were AiE stories on Fimfiction, so I decided to try my hand at writing one again. Special thanks to Listener for allowing me to use Tech Beat in the way that I did.

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