Dragon Fics is the name given to a collection of fanfiction – written by me, Christopher “GeodesicDragon” Urquhart (AKA ‘Geo’) – based on the show My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. All of the stories (except for a couple) can be found on Fimfiction.net, but this is the only place to find downloadable PDFs of the stories, as well as more information about them.

I write various types of story; I am more well known for my Geoverse self-insert series, but I have written a WoW/MLP crossover series, a lot of comedy one-shots (stories which are only one chapter long), and I have also dabbled in the Anonymous in Equestria (AiE) genre.

Like most people, I became a brony after my friends kept pestering me to watch the show. So I did, if only to shut them up. I realised that I liked it when I noticed that I had watched the entire first season. My favourite ponies, in order, are: Twilight Sparkle, Cheerilee, Luna, Spitfire, Celestia, Cadence, Sweetie Belle (also best CMC), Lyra (also best background pony), Rarity, Cherry Jubilee, Octavia, Rainbow Dash, Coloratura, Twilight Velvet, Ivory Scroll (AKA Mayor Mare), Vinyl Scratch, Applejack, Starlight Glimmer and Fluttershy.

Anyway, I started writing fanfiction after reading some AiE stories on 4chan’s /mlp/ board; my very first story, To Friend Is Human, was itself an AiE. However, I discovered Fimfiction.net after I started writing it, and decided to convert it into a first-person story instead. It received positive comments, and so I wrote a sequel. And then I wrote even more. I’ve made a group for the stories on Fimfiction, so please feel free to take a look!

In total, I have written over one-hundred stories, all of which are receiving mostly positive feedback from the Fimfiction community, which has surprised me immensely. I wasn’t expecting this much praise for my work; all the crap I endured in school gave me me a low opinion of myself, an opinion which has grown better over the years.

I have even managed to make it onto Equestria Daily — a feat that I never thought I’d manage to accomplish.

I will keep writing stories for as long as I have ideas. I enjoy doing this, and if people enjoy what I write, then that’s more than enough motiviation for me to continue.

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