Evil Rising

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TAGS: Human, Romance


DESCRIPTION: Princess Twilight Sparkle and her husband, Prince Geo, are facing their biggest challenge yet. Lord Tirek has returned to take the magic from everypony in Equestria, and Twilight is next on his list.

As a result, both of them will undertake a truly extraordinary journey.

For one of them, however, that journey will take them somewhere unexpected…



BACKGROUND: A new Part Seven to the Geoverse finally appears, after several years of floating in the void. Originally, it was going to follow our favourite bunch of humans and ponies all the way through Season Four; I soon realised that one, it would be boring and two, I’d done such a thing already with Season Three. However, I had already written a Prologue which was intended to be set just before S04E01, but eventually came up with what I thought was a good idea.

As such, the Original Prologue was abandoned… well, not entirely abandoned, because you can actually find it in the PDF.

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