We’re Not So Different

TAGS: Romance, Slice of Life, Alternate Universe

RATING: Everyone

DESCRIPTION: Spike’s rampage through Ponyville has left the town in ruins, and made the townsponies realise how dangerous he will become as he grows up. Even Twilight and the other Elements are distant. They send him away while they repair the damage he caused.

With everypony seemingly against him, Spike feels alone. But he soon finds an ally in a certain mailmare — somepony who knows all too well what it feels like to be in everypony’s bad books.



BACKGROUND: This story was brought to you by the following tweet:

My response was simple: “Challenge Accepted.” And so I started writing. Many people didn’t realise that this is a ‘what-if’ story. As in ‘What if nopony forgave Spike for trashing Ponyville?’. They complained about everypony being out of character until I stuck a giant red notice in the description.

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