The People’s Republic of Twilightlicious

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TAGS: Comedy, Crossover, Alternate Universe, Human


DESCRIPTION: To test her mettle as a leader, Princess Twilight Sparkle has been given control of her own nation. Thrust into a new level of responsibility, she begins to realise that, while leading the other Element bearers is easy, running a country is a whole new ballgame — a ballgame which she has no idea how to play.

But with the help of her advisor and her friends, she will eventually come to learn what it truly means to be a leader.

Oh, and if she can prevent one of her new neighbours from invading Equestria, that would be even better.



BACKGROUND: This was originally a vote-driven, reader-guided story, which is a crossover with the online nation simulator NationStates. But after interest in voting dwindled, and one of the readers made an interesting point, the story was taken in a whole new direction.

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