Sorry I’ve been neglecting this site for a while! Here, have some updates to make up for it.

  • The To Love Is Human page has finally been updated with the new cover.
  • You probably haven’t noticed, but the background colour of the site has changed to match Twilight Sparkle’s coat properly.
  • Added pages for several new stories:
  • The Oor Wullie In Equestria page has been deleted, as this story has been scrapped.

Finally Finished!

So, I finally got the site updated. All of my stories now have a page of their own, with the exception of Warcraft in Equestria. I’m still putting together the PDF for that.

Anyway, feel free to have a look around. And please be sure to report any broken links, either through a comment on this post, on the page, or via a FIMFiction PM.

Thanks for bearing with me while I got this sorted!