[PDF Release] A Collection Of Geodesic One-Shots

This is just a collection of silly little one-shots I wrote which are too short to make into a proper story. They vary in terms of characters, writing style and genre. So it could be a second person comedy, or a sad first person you read. I will also post abandoned stories here.

Warning: Contains 100% Randomness and 0% Sense.

Volume Two of my one-shot collection has been released, and can be downloaded from here.

[PDF Release] An Unfamiliar World

While helping an ill Twilight Sparkle around the library, little Toby Mason is hit with a burst of magic and sent spiralling through the void into… Equestria? Well then, that’s good… right?

Unfortunately not, for it soon becomes apparent that this is not the Equestria Toby knows. There are many differences: his adoptive family don’t seem to know who he is, his adoptive mother seems to be dating somepony and Twilight and Pinkie Pie both have foals of their own.

Oh, and it would seem that Toby is no longer the only human in Equestria.

How will he cope?

This story is now complete, and a PDF can be downloaded from here.