[New Story] [Mature] Confound These Pony Names, They Send Me To Hospital

After banging his head, Anon wakes up in Ponyville General Hospital. The nurse wants to know how the accident happened, so he tells her the truth: it was all down to a name.

Why? Well, ponies may not think much about their names and what they mean — but Anonymous is not a pony.

As such, something which sounds normal to them sounds extraordinarily dirty to him…

Click here to read this story on Fimfiction. A PDF can be downloaded from here. Please be aware that the Mature rating is due to the jokes in the story; it does not contain any material of an explicitly sexual and/or violent nature.

[New Story] Bottom Of The Ladder

Released from jail for a crime he did not commit, Anonymous has returned to Ponyville to resume his life in Equestria. While some ponies – such as Vinyl Scratch and Octavia – are pleased to see him, there are many more who don’t appreciate him being back amongst them. Wanting nothing more than Anon’s exile from town they shun their former friend, believing him to be nothing but a vicious monster.

Now Anon must try to rebuild his shattered life while trying regain the trust of the townsponies once more, as well as adjust to an Equestria which has changed a lot during his five-year absence.

But redemption carries with it a strong hint of irony…

Click Here to read this story on Fimfiction. A PDF will be available from here once it is completed.

Yes, I know this story has been out for a while… but I’ve only just got round to creating the information page for it here. 😀