[New Story] Sweet Tale’s Sweet Tale

Sweet Tale is just your average Earth Pony. He spends his day writing stories, eating as many raspberry turnovers as he can get his hooves on, and sketching the scenery and nature of Ponyville. He spends his evenings, on the other hoof, adoring Princess Luna and her night sky. While he gazes at her stars, he dreams up ways he can get her attention — even if it’s only for a moment. But a chance encounter in Sugarcube Corner one morning will change his life forever…

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[New Story] Rainbow Dash Claims Welfare

When Rainbow Dash’s laziness causes her to lose her job with the Ponyville Weather Team, she is forced to find an alternative means of income.

So when she hears about uneployment benefit (Jobseeker’s Allowance, AKA ‘the dole’) she is quick to apply, as she believes that she will be able to be lazy and yet still earn the money she needs to maintain her chosen lifestyle.

She soon discovers that this is not the case…

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[New Story] How To Deal With Manticores (Not Available On Fimfiction!)

After seeing one too many humans injured in manticore attacks, the Equestrian Tourist Board has published a handy guide in an attempt to keep visitors safe.

As a travel agent, it is Lyra Heartstring’s job to offer this guide to potential travellers. Her latest customer happens to be you, but how will you react after reading the guide?

This story is not available on Fimfiction due to their ‘no guides’ policy. It is available on either Google Docs or DeviantArt, and the PDF can be downloaded here.

[New Story] Twilight Sparkle Waits For A Train

Princess Twilight Sparkle is expecting her friends to arrive in Canterlot. But when the train doesn’t arrive on time she, naturally, starts to fear the worst.

Although Spike tries to reassure her all is well, the nervous Princess can’t help but think of a few reasons which could be to blame for the sudden and inexplicable delay.

When the train finally does arrive she learns the real reason for the delay, and comes to appreciate her friendships even more than she already does.

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