[New Story] The People’s Republic of Twilightlicious

To test her mettle as a leader, Princess Twilight Sparkle has been given control of her own nation. Thrust into a new level of responsibility, she begins to realise that, while leading the other Element bearers is easy, running a country is a whole new ballgame — a ballgame which she has no idea how to play.

Good thing she has plenty of advisors to help guide her along. You, dear readers, are those advisors.

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[New Story] Vine On Vinyl (Not Available On Fimfiction!)

Jeremy Vine’s radio show gets a lot of callers, all of whom are keen to share their opinions regarding the various topics he discusses.

Of course, someone really needs to tell this particular caller that what Jeremy is actually talking about, and what she thinks he’s talking about, are two different things.

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[New Story] Sweetie Belle And The Great Azerothian Adventure

After an accident badly injures Sweetie Belle, she somehow finds herself lost and alone in a whole new world — a place of magic and adventure populated by bipeds of different races… not to mention caught in the grip of a savage war.

She finds herself trapped in the body of one of these bipeds – a short one with an odd choice in hair colour – and sets off on a bold new adventure. But she quickly discovers that this new world is nothing like Equestria, and that she will have to face some situations that are harrowing beyond even her worst nightmares…

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New Story – Oor Wullie In Equestria

The dungaree wearing scamp known as Oor Wullie finds out that his three best friends enjoy a show made for girls. After being forced to watch an episode, he goes home and soon finds himself dreaming about this new land.

So naturally, he decides to do what he would normally do on a normal day in Auchenshoogle… and cause some trouble for the unfortunate locals.

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