[New Story] “It’s All Lies And Slander!”

After getting filthy looks all morning, I asked my friends what everypony’s problem was — and they told me that a rumour was circulating about me, claiming I was bedding every stallion I could get my hooves on.

Incensed by this, I protested my innocence and demanded to know where my friends heard the rumour. They were quick to tell me — and then they came along for the ride as I attempted to discover the source of the slander, going from pony to pony as I followed the trail of lies back to the source.

A source which, as it turned out, was not what I expected…

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[New Story] Vine On Vinyl (Not Available On Fimfiction!)

Jeremy Vine’s radio show gets a lot of callers, all of whom are keen to share their opinions regarding the various topics he discusses.

Of course, someone really needs to tell this particular caller that what Jeremy is actually talking about, and what she thinks he’s talking about, are two different things.

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