[New Story] Sweetie Belle And The Great Azerothian Adventure

After an accident badly injures Sweetie Belle, she somehow finds herself lost and alone in a whole new world — a place of magic and adventure populated by bipeds of different races… not to mention caught in the grip of a savage war.

She finds herself trapped in the body of one of these bipeds – a short one with an odd choice in hair colour – and sets off on a bold new adventure. But she quickly discovers that this new world is nothing like Equestria, and that she will have to face some situations that are harrowing beyond even her worst nightmares…

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[New Story] The Origin Of Moonbutt

Twilight Sparkle now knows how Princess Celestia got the nickname ‘Sunbutt’, thanks to Princess Luna — but when Celestia finds out, she decides to even the score.

After all, she isn’t the only one with an embarrassing nickname and a story to tell, even if both were borne of tragedy…

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